Father’s Day Fishing Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is coming up quick — June 16th! And we’ve got a pile of Father’s Day gifts for dads who love to fish.

There’s a bait-shop joke that goes, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, he has to buy rods, reels, waders, bait, a boat …” It’s a bit corny, but you get the point. Anglers always need some new doohicky to improve their kit.

So if your dad loves to fish, you’re in luck. We’ve got gifts for every budget and for every fisherman right here.

And with Amazon Prime shipping on a few items, you might need to buy two items. Because if you’ve got this gear sitting around for a few weeks, you’re probably going to end up snagging something for yourself.

Fishing Gifts for the Angler in Your Life

Eppinger Original Dardevle Spoon: $10

Eppinger Original Dardevle Spoon fishing lure

The red-and-white Dardevle spoon is one of the most iconic fishing lures of all time. It dates back to the early 1900s, and its staying power as a staple is a telltale sign of its abilities in the water. The Eppinger family is an American success story, and the company is still run by the inventor’s great-grandchildren. Known mostly as a pike lure, it’s also effective for lake trout, walleye, bass, and really any hungry game fish out there in the depths. Great lure, great story. Dad’ll love it.

See the Eppinger Original Dardevle Spoon

A Custom Fly Set for Pops: Starting at $15

Custom fly fishing set

And, of course, if your pops is a little less Bassmaster Classic and a little more “A River Runs Through It,” a custom set of flies to restock his stash is a killer, affordable, customizable gift. Check out our picks for spring and summer flies, or just go nuts with whatever you think pops will love.

See the Custom Fly Set for Pops

Tacky Fly Box: Starting at $20

tacky fly box
The Tacky Fly Box; photo by Jessica McGlothlin

If you want to bump up the awesome factor, pick him up a Tacky Fly Box and load it up with your selection of flies. The box, pictured above, sells for $20 and up.

See the Tacky Fly Box

KastKing Toccoa Sport Sunglasses: $25

KastKing Toccoa Sport Sunglasses

It’s always good to have a pair of polarized shades at hand. And at $25, these highly rated sunglasses are a great and good-looking option for the dad who often misplaces his favorites. It’s hard to feel guilty about losing a $25 pair of sunglasses. With four lens options, it’s also a great way to add a bit of versatility to dad’s kit.

See the KastKing Toccoa Sport Sunglasses

Finn Utility Fly Hat Band: $30

Finn Utility Fly Hat Band

Dads wear the coolest hats. This we all know. And if you want to help him add some serious flair to his headwear, this beautiful handcrafted hat band is a shoo-in. The band will help save the edges of his hat from becoming a fly box, and it’ll last eons. Maybe one day, it’ll adorn a hat of your own. A gift to keep on giving.

See the Finn Utility Fly Hat Band

Mountainsmith Dry Kick Fanny Pack: $40

Mountainsmith Dry Kick Fanny Pack

OK, so Mountainsmith doesn’t call it a fanny pack, but I sure do. And to be honest, I’m not sure that there’s anything better than pictures of dad rocking a fanny pack. But, this isn’t the neon fanny pack of ’80s yore. It’s a technical dry bag for the low-maintenance and self-confident guy who likes to rock some old-school dad vibes. Does your dad have an epic mustache? If so, this is your pick. If only it came in neon colors. Sigh.

See the Mountainsmith Dry Kick

Orvis Ultralight Convertible Waders: $298

Fly fisherman in Orvis Ultralight Convertible Waders

A good pair of waders is essential for fly fishing. We’ve used the men’s Ultralight Waders and would recommend them for any dad. The coolest thing about these waders is the magnetic fasteners used instead in lieu of traditional clips. The magnets make it easy to convert them to hip waders on hot days or to pull them down when nature calls. It seems minor, but it’s a major upgrade. True to their name, they are lighter than several other pair of waders we’ve worn. If you’re looking for a longlasting gift dad will love, these Orvis waders are a solid choice.

See the Orvis Ultralight Convertible Waders

The Measure Net: $40

The Measure Net

The nifty thing about measure nets is having the ability to keep ’em wet while figuring out all sorts of things that have to do with a fish’s size. Is it a keeper? Throw it back? Did Cathy just catch her biggest fish yet? Is it the smallest fish you’ve ever caught? This net comes in a variety of sizes, but the $40 net is a great starting point. And there’ll be less fumbling for that measuring tape that’s always out of reach. Perfect-o.

See The Measure Net

Patagonia Fly Fishing Neoprene Socks With Gravel Guard: $45

Patagonia Fly Fishing Neoprene Socks With Gravel Guard

Summer is nigh, and warmer days bring wader-free moments. Patagonia’s Neoprene Socks will keep toes from freezing while dad’s winter-white legs put on their summer jorts tan. The gravel guards will keep your dad’s feet free from rocks, and maybe, just maybe, he’ll leave the smelly, old waders he’s been wearing since your elementary school days in the garage for the ride to the river.

See the Patagonia Fly Fishing Neoprene Socks With Gravel Guard

Loon Outdoors Neckvest Lanyard: $25-40

Loon Outdoors Fly Fishing Neckvest Lanyard

Lanyards are a great minimalist option for carrying fly fishing gear on the river. It covers all the essentials, allowing dad to move unburdened along his favorite stream. For $40, the “loaded” lanyard comes with tippet, nippers, a floatant bottle, and a small box for flies. Or, for $25, you can opt for just the lanyard.

See the Neckvest Fishing Lanyard

Helle Steinbit Fillet Knife: $114


If your dad is a “catch and release into a pan of grease” kind of guy, this knife is a beautiful and functional piece of equipment that he’ll be sure to treasure. Helle’s craftsmanship is designed to last, and the knife comes with a leather sheath that adds an old-school cool vibe to a gorgeous new knife. The reviews on this thing are stars galore. And — Prime shipping!

See the Helle Steinbit Fillet Knife

Costa Del Mar + Bureo Untangled Shades: $199-269

Costa Del Mar + Bureo Untangled Shades

Costa Del Mar’s Untangled Collection of shades is the perfect gift for the dad who loves sustainability as much as he loves technical performance. Partnering with Bureo, these glasses feature frames made from recycled fishing nets. There’s gotta be pounds of great fishing karma in these shades. And if you’re counting the poundage Bureo’s process has pulled from our oceans, it nets out at around 800,000. This is the ultimate feel-good gift of the bunch.

See the Costa Del Mar + Bureo Untangled Shades

Redington’s Butter Stick: $250

Redington's Butter Stick

We all know how obsessive dad can be about fly presentation. And Redington’s new Butter Stick is a fishing rod designed exactly for that. This three-piece, slow-action, lightweight fly-tossing stick harkens back to rods of old, yet it benefits from new fiberglass technologies. Available in seven options, it’s easy to find a fit for the scenarios dad loves to fish. And c’mon, who doesn’t want to add a shiny new rod to their quiver?

See the Redington Butter Stick

The Classic Rod Vault: $449

The Classic Rod Vault

For the fishing dad on the road, this vault stores rods at the ready. It’s the ultimate piece of protective gear for quick riverside stops and having up to three different setups available at all times. If dad is crunched for time and vehicle space, this is a solid investment that’s going to help him spend a lot less time at the car and a lot more time on the river. Win-win.

See the Denver Outfitters Classic Rod Vault

A Day on the Water: Priceless


Depending on your budget, it could be a quick fishing trip down to the local bluegill hole — or a full-fledged trip to the Kenai River in Alaska. Do your research and DIY it, or go full bore and schedule a trip through a well-loved guide company like our friends at Chugach Backcountry Fishing.

If nothing else, making plans to spend time on the water for Father’s Day is the ultimate gift. Making memories, cherishing time with family, and putting some lines in the water as summer weather rolls in is fantastic for the fishing father.

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