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Taste Test: New ‘Trail Butter’ Energy Food

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Brothers Brad and Jeff Boggess founded a company to create a new kind of energy food. Bogg’s Trail Foods is based in Portland, Ore., and its Trail Butter line gives on-the-go sustenance that you squeeze from a pouch.

But this is not energy gel. The “butter” inside each pouch is based on almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts. Seeds, honey, dried fruit, oils, and other ingredients are mixed in for a final product that’s substantial and convenient to eat.

I tested this modern-day pemmican over the past month. The flavors are good enough to eat at home, and on a hike taste luxurious.

Trail Butter comes in large, 4.5-ounce pouches. Unscrew the top and squeeze the butter straight into your mouth — you can eat it while hiking, camping, or drifting in a canoe.

A single pouch is almost a whole meal. The Ozark Original flavor, which has a nut base with chocolate and cranberries, gives 680 calories. I ate one after a 5-mile hike with some water and was satisfied and full.

Unlike regular energy gel, Trail Butter is a “slow burning” kind of food. All of the different butters have at least 20 percent RDA of high energy fat and five grams of protien.

Eat it during backpacking trips or on long hikes, but not in a bike race or while on a short run. It could be good for the long-haul burn of ultra-marathons or long events in which over indulgence in sugars begins to turn the stomach. Of course, personal reactions to foods vary when it comes to exercise, so definitely test before race day!

The taste is semi-sweet — the nut foundation gives a savory base flavor, and constitutes like chocolate, honey, vanilla beans, and dried fruit add sweeter notes.

Trail Butter comes in three flavors. Eat it straight from the pouch for trail food, or the company sells it in larger jars to spread on veggies or bread.

The pouches cost about $4.80 each and are sold in stores or online at Trailbutter.com.

Try it out if you’re tired of trail mix and energy bars. Trail Butter is a great alternative in a convenient pouch that you can literally grab and go.

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