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Take A Coffee Toke From The Brew Pipe

The Coffee Brew Pipe combines all the facets of coffee brewing into a single piece, only for coffee, I swear.

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“Want to try the brew pipe?” a long-haired man asks randomly on the trade show floor. I hesitantly agree, and the next thing I know, he whips out a lighter and puts it under the pipe. Moment’s later I bring the mouthpiece to my lips.

Am I about to freebase espresso beans? Concern aside, I toked on the pipe. In rushed hot coffee, and I must admit it tasted wonderful.

Bripe: Quirky ‘Turkish Coffee’ Brewer


The Bripe brew pipe is a simple apparatus that brings design elements from the smoking world into the portable coffee game. Simply place grounds in the pipe, add water, and heat to 185-degrees with a blow-torch style lighter.

Sip through a built-in metal straw and look like a pipe smoker for a few confusingly glorious moments, then knock the grounds out to complete the picture.

Sure, the resemblance to a smoking pipe is odd. But the brew process is quite similar to that of Turkish coffee. We saw the Brew Pipe first-hand last week at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market trade show and were astonished by such a wacky, yet clever product.

Brew Pipe Design

The main reservoir is made from copper for effective heat transfer. The cork near the mouthpiece helps prevent burned fingers. Within the bowl is an adjustable filter to match the size of your grind and prevent grounds from going up the straw.

bripe filter brew pipe

Additionally, each pipe comes with a thermostat so you can optimize the temperature of your brew. The company claims total brew time is under 2 minutes.

As goofy as it looks, the Bripe would be functional in the backcountry. It’s tiny size and speedy brewing make it a potential choice for time-conscious and weight savvy trekkers.

Bripe started selling the brew pipe on Nov. 15, 2016. The kit comes with their Blue Flame lighter and retails as a package for $49.95. Take a sip for yourself, just be ready to explain you’re just drinking coffee.

bripe brew pipe brewing

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