Meet: the Woodwind Pro. Camp Chef's newest member of its smoker lineup. (Photo/Camp Chef)
(Photo/Camp Chef)

Camp Chef’s Woodwind Pro: Smoking Competition With a Secret Weapon

The Camp Chef Woodwind Pro launches a patented ‘smoker box’ that allows the pellet grill to also burn wood and charcoal for more smoke control.

Smoked food has a flavor you just can’t get from a regular grill, griddle, or skillet. The slow, dry process creates what’s called a “Maillard reaction,” breaking down sugars and amino acids to give food that unique smokey tang.

It’s also one of the oldest cooking techniques known to humans. Smoking food originated with cave people back in the Stone Age — though, the techniques and technology of smoking have come a long way since then.

Case in point: the new Woodwind Pro from Camp Chef. This 2022 pellet grill has patent-pending elements, clever design developments, and a remote-control app with the simplicity of a pellet grill.

The Smoker Box: The Secret Weapon of the Woodwind Pro

The burner box on the Woodwind pro is something you won't find on any other smoker. (Photo/Camp Chef)
(Photo/Camp Chef)

Most pellet grills burn one kind of fuel — wood pellets. But different fuels yield different flavors.

So, Camp Chef developed a patent pending “smoker box” that allows users to play with a range of cooking fuels, from lump charcoal to hardwood chunks and wood chips.

Here is how it works: Wood pellets burn at the bottom of the grill. Place your desired smoking fuel into the smoker box and insert that into the Woodwind Pro.

The pellets at the bottom will ignite the fuel in the smoke box, and a butterfly valve allows for temperature control. The smoke produced from the smoker box then circulates within the grill, heating up and cooking the food.

As the video below explains, if “you’re smoking brisket and want that deep smoky barbecue flavor, load up the wood box and amplify that smoke flavor using wood chips, wood chunks or charcoal.”

Or, “If you’re cooking a chicken and want more of a mild smoke flavor, leave the smoke box empty and simply use the Woodwind Pro like you would a standard pellet grill.”

Grill of the Future

The Woodwind Pro has also got what Camp Chef is calling “advanced heat design.” A gasketed, dual-wall lid and down-and-out ventilation system trap smoke and heat in the upper part of the grill, adding even more flavor to whatever it is you’re cooking.

Camp Chef’s grills all also have a smoke level controller. The LED-screen dial allows users to precisely control the amount of smoke (on a scale of 1-10) circulating within the grill. The higher the smoke level, the smokier the flavor.

That smoke level controller uses a Wi-Fi-enabled PID controller, accessible through the Camp Chef app (yes, this grill has an app). Users can remotely monitor and control their grill when they’re away grabbing beers, chatting with the neighbor, or doing yard work. It’s a smoker control panel you keep in your pocket.

Smoker Specs

The Woodwind pro offers a lot of space for cooking food. (Photo/Camp Chef)
(Photo/Camp Chef)

The Woodwind Pro from Camp Chef comes in two sizes: 24 inches and 36 inches (MSRP $1,200-1,500). The smaller model has 811 square inches of cooking space. The larger model has 1,236 square inches to cook on. Both can reach temperatures of 160 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Learn more about the Woodwind Pro series at Camp Chef.

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