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Full Day’s Food (In Bar Form)

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Eat three of these bars a day — and that’s it. Like Soylent and other meal-replacement products, GreenBelly aims to simplify eating anywhere.


Don’t have time for all that pesky eating? A new product simplifies your dietary needs, boiling it down to simply eating three bars a day.

Recently funded in a Kickstarter campaign, and on the way to retail stores soon, Greenbelly claims its bars are a “complete meal on the go.”

Each bar contains about 33 percent of the USDA recommended calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sodium, and fiber.

I asked Greenbelly to send over a couple bars to test, and I chomped one down this morning. The Peanut Apricot flavor tastes good, with a sweet-and-salty blend that reflects the ingredient list of fruits and legumes.

greenbelly (1)

Taste Test

The bars are pretty filling. My wife and I each ate half of the plus-size meal bar and our hunger was sated. An entire bar would certainly do as breakfast, but I don’t know if I could stomach eating a bar for every meal.

They are pretty heavy, and they need a little water to wash down. As a quick lunch while on the trail, they’d be a good option that should stick with you a while.

Label Cranberry Almond Back

With ingredients like cranberries, peanut flour, and crisped rice, the Greenbelly label speaks to a natural-food loving demographic.

While these bars obviously won’t replace a varied diet for day-to-day existence (you’d be sorely lacking many essential vitamins and minerals), it’s an interesting product that can simplify outdoors excursions with three daily bars to provide all the nutrition you need.

carnberry almond greenbelly

The bars sell in packs of three for $12.99 (or 12 for $45.99) and are available for pre-order now.

The company says they are also available with a dozen outfitters in the U.S. and will be on more shelves this summer.

Tasty and dense, these bars are a nice supplement to regular meals on the trail.

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