Cook Hot Dogs With The Sun

No batteries, no flames, a unique made-for-hot-dogs outdoors oven (called the ‘Dogger’) sizzles brats, sausages, and wieners in minutes, using nothing but reflected heat from the sun.

solar cooker

We tested GoSun’s breakout product, the GoSun Stove, last year and loved it. The company’s latest innovation works exactly the same way – requiring no power source other than the sun – only in a smaller, made-for-dogs form.

The Solar Dogger

The mechanics of GoSun’s solar ovens are simple: Your food sits in a long trowel that slides into a vacuum-insulated glass tube. That assembly rests inside of a U-shape, reflective array (for you calculus majors, that’s a parabola), and all of the sun’s radiant heat is focused onto the tube.

At its hottest, the Solar Dogger can reach 550 degrees F, the company states, which will cook a hot dog in about 10 minutes or less. Because of the vacuum insulation, the tube never becomes hot to the touch.

The entire setup folds up like a clamshell and weighs 2.5 lbs., almost 5 lbs. lighter than GoSun’s first portable solar cooker.

Closed, the Dogger measures 14 inches long and 7 inches wide, but its inside cooking area is a 12-inch tube, perfect for that footlong you’ve been craving.

GoSun is crowd-funding the Dogger’s initial production run on IndieGogo. It costs $59 pre-sale now.

After the IndieGogo campaign, the unit will sell for $79. They will be shipped and available late this year.

Solar Cooker: GoSun Stove Bakes Food With Sunshine
Solar Cooker: GoSun Stove Bakes Food With Sunshine
Cook food with the sun -- that's the basic premise of GoSun Stove, Read more…

Bonus For Kids

As an add-on to the Dogger, GoSun is offering an educational kit for teachers and schools. The Solar Dogger Plus is $20 more and includes STEM-certified (science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum) materials that explore the physics of the GoSun’s solar energy technology.

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