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Energy Food: ‘Yumbutter’ Is Delectable, Calorie-Rich Outdoors Fuel

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[leadin]With 1,000+ calories in each (yummy) dose, these squeeze-to-eat packets are a portable meal replacement and a great alternative to energy gel or bars. We tested them around the world this year backpacking and during endurance events.[/leadin]

yumbutter food packets

Twist open a 7oz Yumbutter package and you get an easy-to-eat portion that can fuel you in the outdoors. Backpackers, ultra runners, endurance racers, parents on-the-go, peanut butter lovers, and anyone looking for a calorie-dense food without sacrificing gourmet taste will appreciate Yumbutter.

At about 1,100 calories per pack, these have the best calorie-to-weight ratio I’ve ever found in a food that I actually want to eat.

Review: Yumbutter Energy Food

This is not normal nut butter. The Wisconsin-based company calls its concoctions “potions,” and that analogy holds when you scan the flavors, including constitutes like chia seeds, hemp hearts, goji berries, and sprouted rice protein.

The result is a subtle smooth sweetness with most flavors that is unique to the brand. Not only do they come loaded with “super-foods,” but the oversize, re-sealable squeeze pouches are perfect for wilderness trips and expeditions where weight and space for food is restricted.

racer eating energy food
Yumbutter as sustenance during the Godzone Adventure Race

The company makes six flavors in all. I ate three flavors (peanut butter, almond, and sunflower) during the 10-day long Patagonian Expedition Race this year. Yumbutter was the perfect fuel on massive mountain trekking legs where we were on the move all day.

The consistency is smooth, and while one would might think that the combination of goji and chia will not mix with sunflower seeds or almonds, it was neither over-powering nor too rich.

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A re-sealable twist cap made it easy to store an opened container, but they were so good I had a hard time rationing them. The generous size is perfect for sharing with your teammates or kids.

butters energy food
Six flavors available

If you’re a fan of the “butters” category and like similar products, including Ozark Trail Butters and Justin’s Nut Butter, give Yumbutter a try. At $7.99 a pouch, they come at a premium price, but worth it if you’ve flown to the end of the world for a race or expedition.

For the taste, convenience, and nutrition you get, the cost can also be justified by calories. You’re getting the equivalent of multiple packs of energy gel, for example, and one Yumbutter can stand in for most of a meal.

As a bonus, Yumbutter is a benefit corporation (B-corp) and has a mission beyond making great-tasting food. Check out the brand’s “nourish the world” initiative to learn more.

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