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‘#1 Boot Brand in Scandinavia’ Comes to the US: All You Need to Know About Polyver Sweden

polyver winter boots(Photo/Darren Hamlin)
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How do the best winter boots in Sweden and Scandinavia stack up in the United States market? Now, American customers can find out for themselves.

Polyver Sweden, “the #1 boot brand in Scandinavia,” announced it’s now delivering its products in the United States. Proprietary materials backed by impressive claims lead the way.

How impressive? Polyver Sweden says its CLI-TECH system (“comfort, lightness, and insulation”) results in a boot with three times the insulation and twice the durability of comparable rubber boots. The brand says CLI-TECH boots are also up to 40% lighter than competitors like Muck Boot.

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Seamless construction seals the deal figuratively and literally, supposedly bypassing the possibility of delamination and water ingress. The key to their performance? Tiny air bubbles.

Polyver Sweden positions the boots for hiking, fishing, hunting, work, or “strolling through the [snowy] city landscape.” Two styles are available — a 9-inch ankle-height and a 14-inch calf-height boot.


So, How Does It Work?

Simply put, CLI-TECH does what it does thanks to “millions of air bubbles” inside the material. Polyver Sweden encapsulates bubbles in its polyurethane in a bid to make its boots insulative and all-day wearable.

polyver winter boots
(Photo/Darren Hamlin)

The material also allows the bootmaker to mold each boot as one piece — no seams or stitching required.

Those qualities distinguish Polyver Sweden’s boots from the brand’s chief competitor in the U.S. The Swedish boot stands up against the Muck Arctic Sport, which uses a combination of molded rubber (for waterproofing), neoprene (for insulation), and EVA foam (for cushioning).

Polyver Sweden says that this combination is three times heavier than CLI-TECH by weight. Of course, anything constructed with seams can delaminate, and neoprene can get cold and heavy if it gets wet.

Insulating clothing with tiny air pockets is not a new concept. If you’re reading this thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” you’re not alone.

Polyver Sweden’s Key Tech

The brand’s methods and materials come together to produce a 100% waterproof boot. Of course, Muck Arctic Sport boots are also 100% waterproof — the question boils down to which boot will stay waterproof longer. All rubber is waterproof until it gets a hole in it.

As far as weight, a unisex size 8 Muck Arctic Sport boot (13.25 inches tall) weighs 2.5 pounds. A 14-inch Polyver Classic High in the same size weighs 1.6 pounds. Anyone who’s spent a long day out in snow boots knows an extra pound or two can make a big difference.

Construction touches like a quick-dry acrylic lining for fast dry times and a reinforced ankle should help wearer comfort. Anti-static soles could give the boots traction for workers who need to meet safety requirements (though the brand doesn’t mention OSHA certification).

Polyver Sweden Winter Boots: Outlook, Availability

At the end of the day, Polyver Sweden boots look like a real competitor in the U.S. market. Sized 5-14 with no half sizes, the brand recommends them for temperatures between -40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

U.S. customers can find both boot styles at online at Aktiv or Paragon.PolyverClassicLow_Black_2dd

“We are thrilled to bring our Swedish brand and proprietary technology to the US,” Eric Gautier, Polyver Sweden’s VP of sales, said in a statement.

“Significantly lighter weight than the competition and completely waterproof, the Classic Winter line of boots will make you remember the coldest day of the year as pretty warm.”

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