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Speedland Creates Blood-Splattered Trail Running Shoes for Pro Hunter Cam Hanes

To quote someone who — complete guess — has never hunted, nor trail run: "These expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes." — Cardi B

Cam Hanes Speedland trail running shoe
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If you always wanted a new pair of running shoes to look fresh from a kill site, Speedland has the goods… and no, this isn’t a joke.

To be fair, it’s the design choice of hunting personality Cam Hanes, who collaborated with the shoemaker for its latest limited-edition kicks. Perhaps the design’s mixed metaphor was inevitable, given that Hanes trains for bowhunting with ultramarathons and chose “Keep Hammering” as his official slogan. He’s no stranger to shedding a bit of blood, both on the running trail and in the field.

Obviously, this is a shoe designed for the trail, not the elk woods, but the crossover is hard to overlook. It’s a bold design that’s sure to draw some criticism from the non-hunt crowd. The shoe itself is not necessarily new, but it has a new look that might just stir up both controversy and a buying frenzy.

Hanes’ focus on physical fitness means he uses running shoes for training, which is why the GS:PGH uses his favored color of bright blue instead of camo. Hanes is a hunter, but he’s also a serious trail runner.

When GearJunkie asked Hanes about the design on Wednesday morning, he added another layer to the design’s intention.

“To me the blood splatter design represents our hard work, effort, and sacrifice. It’s about the blood we sometimes have to shed to achieve our goals and push through,” Hanes said. “It’s representative of our blood.”

— Cam Hanes

Whether or not the blood represents your own or is more a play to the hunt is up for interpretation. Regardless of the way you read it, if you want your hand on a pair of these bloody soles, you’re going to have to wait a bit. Preorders begin today with delivery expected this fall. Let’s take a look.

Speedland GS:PGH running shoe
For his pro-level running shoes collab, Cam Hanes chose a blood stain with bright blue. Why not? (photo/Speedland)

Speedland’s Cameron Hanes Collab: The GS:PGH

In both form and function, the GS:PGH is only slightly different from its predecessor, the GS:TAM, produced with the input of Speedland athlete Dylan Bowman.

Last year, a GearJunkie review called that shoe “a beast” for its huge 37/30mm stack and customizable options for long-distance trail runners. Beyond that, our testers have generally loved the shoe for trail running. Cam Hanes evidently agrees, tapping that design for his own collaboration.

The main difference between the two models is simply the weight, said Speedland co-founder David Dombrow, in a prepared statement.

“The PGH is a little lighter through compound changes and we made some small adjustments to further optimize fit,” Dombrow said. “Of course, it also has Cam Hanes Branding and is a different color.”

Named after Mount Pisgah near Hanes’ home in Eugene, Ore., the GS:PGH comes with all the features of the GS:TAM. That includes the optional and removable carbon fiber plate, which costs $35 and is designed for additional response during races and speed workouts. There’s also the same massive stack, a spacer mesh upper, and dual BOA Li2 fit dials.

The dual midsole also makes a comeback here, with its permanent outer section and removable, blended Pebax section, and Michelin rubber pocked with 4.5mm lugs, ensuring clingy steps on rugged terrain.

Cameron Hanes runs in the new Speedlab at sunset
Cam Hanes runs in the new Speedland GS:PGH (Photo/Speedland)

How Much and Where Do I Buy?

Speedland GS:PGH

  • Stack: 37-30 mm
  • Drop: 7 mm
  • Weight (size 9): 10.5 oz.
  • Price: $275
  • Availability: On presale now

Can’t wait to get your hands on these bloody running shoes? Well, you’ll have to wait until September, when Speedland expects to deliver them.

Presales went live on the Speedland website Wednesday. Like previous models, 10% of all profits go to an outdoor organization chosen by the athlete who helped design the shoe.

However, Hanes still hasn’t picked a charity, a company spokesperson said.

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