Muck Outscape in garden allotment

Muck Outscape Slip-Ons: Go-Anywhere ‘Garden’ Shoes

Muck is a heritage brand well-known for its waterproof footwear. Its new Outscape shoes build on that tradition with sneaker-like looks and comfort — without sacrificing performance.

The Outscape brings streetwear cushion and style to Muck’s lineup, and dare we say you’ll be willing to cover more ground in them than just your backyard.

We know most days you’d rather be getting after it, not doing chores around the yard. But there you are, tending the garden, lawn, mulch bed, or maybe even the chickens. That can get messy — frankly, it calls for a shoe designed for those conditions.

The Muck Outscape shoes, available in Chelsea and low heights, are modern updates to the brand’s classic garden shoe. The shoes are offered in several colors, including a camo option!

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Muck Outscape garden shoes

Muck Outscape Shoes: Beyond the Garden

A proper garden shoe with trail shoe traits can make yard work more comfortable, and perhaps more enjoyable.

That said, the Outscape shoes do have yard-specific features. Most notably, a shovel-ready shank protects the underfoot from repeated pressure while turning up soil. For added durability and protection from bumps, Muck uses its Guarden Rubber to reinforce the toe and heel.

The brand’s advertising will tell you these are “100% Muckproof,” a nod to the waterproof performance of the shoes and the outsole’s self-cleaning lugs. Less mud in the lugs means better traction. And no matter the type of yard work or weather conditions, being able to slip them off and leave them at the door adds convenience.

These same features make it a candidate as a casual outdoor lifestyle shoe. That can mean a short hike down a muddy path, walking the dog, or even an outdoor concert that’s expecting rain. Even in winter, the soles can handle subfreezing temperatures.

The Outscape has neoprene uppers, so don’t think these will wear like traditional rubber rain boots. That goes for the breathable mesh liner, too.

Muck Outscape Features

  • Waterproof
  • Self-cleaning outsole lugs
  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Dual-density footbed cushion
  • Antimicrobial treatment
  • Chelsea and low styles

Muck Outscape garden shoes mid and low

The brand is covering new ground with this style, part of the next generation for Muck, while staying rooted in the performance many of its farm and outdoor workers have come to expect.

Are they boots or sneakers? Check out a pair for yourself and find out.

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This article is sponsored by Muck Boot Company. Find out more about the Outscape and the brand’s other waterproof footwear here.