Learn What Makes a Winter Runner Tick in Touching Short Film ‘The Side of the Mountain’

In this calming, inspiring short, one runner heads up a wintry mountain road somewhere in the Appalachians.

What does it look, feel, and sound like to run through winter? Rolanda Bell shows us — from the circadian rhythm of waking up, lacing up, and hitting the snow-dusted pavement or trail, to the reel of pensive thoughts we encounter sometimes only when we run.

“For those with big running goals, winter presents an opportunity. This is where our foundation for No Days Off is built, with consistency, fortitude, and persistence,” Tracksmith wrote.

Runner and narration: Rolanda Bell

Runtime: 2 minutes

This film was produced by Tracksmith and directed by Emily Maye. “The Side of the Mountain” was filmed in New Hampshire.  

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