'Bike Radar' Detects Cars, Offers Alerts As You Ride

‘Bike Radar’ Detects Cars, Offers Alerts As You Ride

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Scary fact: A large percentage of car-bike collisions occur from behind. That point fuels an on-bike radar system announced today by Garmin.


The Varia warns cyclists of vehicles approaching from behind through a display on the handlebars.

The radar unit, which is affixed to the seat post, doubles as a tail light that blinks as cars approach from behind.

Any vehicle that comes within its 153-yard range will show up. The rear light increases intensity and frequency as cars approach.

The radar is compatible with some Edge GPS bike computers. A stand-alone handlebar module will also be available.

Rear View

The radar detects up to eight approaching vehicles, indicating an increasing risk with a change in color on the LED handlebar interface or on an overlay of the current data screen on Garmin Edge devices.

The Varia will be available this fall for $199.99 (radar sensor only) and $299.99 with the radar and display unit included.

And props to the marketers at Garmin for making such a sinister advertisement (see above). If this doesn’t keep you looking over your shoulder on the road, I don’t know what will.

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