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Mobile Gyms: 3 Fitness Apps to Activate Your Home Routine

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If you’re plugged in, you probably already use big fitness apps like Strava and Nike+. But some nice niche at-home mobile apps are solving big workout woes: lack of time, equipment, and motivation.

Here are a few apps that make working out easier, cheaper, and more fun.

‘Home Workout – No Equipment’

It’s too easy to skip an indoor workout when you don’t have a garage gym staring you down when you get home. That’s why “Home Workout – No Equipment” tells it to you straight: “Get your rear in gear.” With this free fitness app, you don’t need machines, weights, or any gadgets outside of your phone.


You can pick body-weight exercises by the part — abs, chest, legs, arms, and butt — or workouts that buff muscles from head to toe. They’re basic, short, and, better yet, all free at home. And with beginner to advanced progressions, you can evolve with no equipment. See, no more excuses.

Get Home Workout – No Equipment

No Motivation

Winter is the worst. Sometimes it’s dark when you leave for work — and get home from it. If you’re having trouble motivating for workouts, the Gixo fitness app gives you live classes and a built-in community. Because sometimes even virtual fitness friends are better than sweating alone.

Gixo’s Fitcamp Express, for example, is a three-week program with 25-minute classes — “a lot of toning, sweating, and burning” — streaming Monday through Thursday. During a Gixo camp, the community atmosphere is reminiscent of a CrossFit gym, only with virtual workout friends from around the world. It’s a less intimidating way to work out.

fitness app

There’s also instant feedback, personal training, and modifications from Gixo’s online coaches. You can also chat with campmates and get a digital high five if that’s a motivator.

And if you miss a live class, you can get it later on demand. Plus, at $20 for access to 19 hours of live audio and video fitness classes per day and classes in the on-demand library (or $180 annually), it’s also cheaper than most gyms.

Get Gixo

No Time

We’re all short on time. But if you’re juggling more stuff than most between work and family, for example, having a super-quick workout at your fingertips can be very freeing.

The Freeletics fitness app is so simple. Choose your workout by time, from five to 30 minutes. There are over 140 exercises and 900 workout variations, mostly of the HIIT type, so you’ll sweat hard and won’t get bored.

fitness app

The copious choices make the workouts feel like little daily discoveries. And Freeletcis is also a great app for mini in-room workouts while you’re traveling and don’t have gym access.

The exercise schemes are free, and 29 million users have already figured out the beauty in that. If you like it enough, you can always upgrade to a coach, which comes with a personalized training plan for $6.25/month.

Get Freeletics

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