lynn hill climbing on wall and demonstrating shoulder exercise on right

Stay Climbing Fit at Home: This Pro Shows You How

Looking for online workout inspiration? Start with legendary climber Lynn Hill’s fitness tips.

In the wake of coronavirus, it can be especially difficult for climbers to stay in shape without any access to a wall or special equipment. But don’t fret, professional climber Lynn Hill is here to help you out.

That’s right, Lynn Hill, a female climber who made the first free ascent of El Capitan’s The Nose. She was also the first woman to do a route graded 5.14 — back in 1991.

“I’m doing my part to stop this pandemic by staying at home,” Hill wrote in her first video post. In the spirit of staying at home and helping others do so, she’s sharing some of her essential climbing-specific workouts on social media.

Here are a few to get you started. And you can find more by following Hill on Instagram.

Strengthen Your Core

For these exercises, all you need is a floor. And that’s awesome. Follow along with Hill as she demonstrates ab and hamstring stretches, with variations for flexion, extension, and abduction.


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Core exercises that you can do at home

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Build Up Shoulder Muscle

This is a great exercise if you’re looking to give your fingers a rest. (As great as hang board exercises are, they aren’t the only climbing training option!)

These exercises are aimed at stimulating a range of different muscles in the shoulders. They include lateral movements, vertical drives, and rotator cuff exercises.


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Shoulder maintenance exercises

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The best part of these exercises, besides professional instruction? You can train like a climber — no wall required.

Want more from Lynn Hill? Follow her on Instagram @_linacolina_ to see her future workout sessions.

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