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The Bra That Goes With Me Everywhere: Lululemon Energy Bra Review

One of the most well-rounded sports bras I’ve ever tried, I’d take the Lululemon Energy Bra with me to the far reaches of the earth.

Woman standing in sports bra with towelThe Lululemon Energy Bra is simple and well-constructed; (photo/Lily Ritter)
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Business in the front, party in the back. That’s the easy way to sum up the Lululemon Energy Bra. With a pretty standard, medium-coverage front panel, the Energy Bra doesn’t look like anything special until you flip around to show off the straps in the back. But it’s more than just a pretty face. While testing it out this fall, I found the Energy Bra to be impressively supportive, breathable, and comfortable for long days in the mountains. 

Testing the Energy Bra out during a transitional season, I found myself wearing it for HIIT sessions at the gym, long trail runs, and even early-season ski tours in the Tetons. I even wore it on a few frigid late November mountain bike rides, putting the supportive design to the test on steep, rugged trails in the Pacific Northwest. 

Honestly, the only times I wasn’t happy with this bra was when I realized it was buried deep in my laundry hamper; I’d happily replace all the bras in my closet with this one. 

In short: There aren’t many situations where we wouldn’t wear Lululemon’s Energy Bra ($52), whether it’s a morning yoga class, weekend mountain bike ride, or long trail run. After testing, we found that it’s one of the most comfortable, stretchy, and durable options out there.

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Lululemon Energy Bra


  • Material Nylon, polyester, elastane
  • Straps Strappy crossback
  • Cups Removable
  • Support Medium
  • Size range 2-14


  • Extremely stretchy
  • Cute and stylish strap detail in the back
  • Medium support is ideal for most activities


  • Not adjustable
  • Straps poke out from a tank top if you’re looking for a streamlined fit

Lululemon Energy Bra Review


It’s hardly a surprise that one of our favorite bras as of late is made by Lululemon. The 25-year-old Canadian brand has undeniably become one of the biggest players in the yoga apparel and fitness space, and for good reason. Its stretchy, breathable, performance apparel is also cute enough to wear around town, reigning big time over the athleisure world — and the Energy Bra embodies that fully. 

There’s no doubt that Lululemon has grown far beyond its original yoga roots, with fitness apparel capable of big adventures in the mountains. I’ve always gravitated toward its wide variety of sports bras for their subtle style, high-performing fabrics, and versatility throughout multiple activities. 

The Energy Bra became my daily driver this summer and fall, an ideal companion for weight lifting, Pilates, long trail runs, downhill mountain biking, and everything in between. It’s comfortable after long hours on the trail thanks to its quick-drying design, and cute enough to want to wear it as a swim top on the river. Really, the only downside is our funky tan lines when I wore it on its own for a sunny road run and didn’t apply quite enough sunscreen (worth it). 

The straps on the Lululemon Energy Bra are smooth, lie flat, and comfortable; (photo/Lily Ritter)


Straps make all the difference with a sports bra, and the Energy Bra’s straps are both cute and comfy. Two straps on each side criss-cross and flow together to meet at the top in a single strap (hence the business in the front, party in the back effect), which means that the strappy design doesn’t actually bear much load. All in all, that allows for a cute, stylish look without any weird digging or nagging straps.

The straps peek out under some racerback tanks (which we didn’t really mind). And, while I mostly hit the trail with this bra buried beneath at least a layer or two on chilly fall days, the straps are an added bonus for rocking it on its own during a hot yoga sesh. 

Versatile Support

A medium-support bra gives you a whole lotta options, and this bra wins big in the versatility department. The compression from the medium-weight fabric and the snug 2-inch chest band provides a healthy amount of support for a long jog or rough mountain bike ride, but it doesn’t feel like overkill if you just want to throw a sweatshirt on over it and lounge around the house. 

Taking the pads out is an easy way to lighten it up, dropping some support and adding a little breathability. For mellower activities, like stretching and yoga, I often opted to ditch the pads for a more streamlined fit. 

The material of the Lululemon Energy Bra is malleable and soft; (photo/Lily Ritter)

Soft and Stretchy Material

The stretch in the Energy Bra is one of the best parts of this bra. While some sports bras seem to only stretch within a pretty restricted range, I never maxed out the stretch factor while pulling it on. 

The bra itself felt super soft against my skin, and it glides smoothly under synthetic tanks and T-shirts, as well as cotton hoodies, thanks to Lululemon’s proprietary Luxtreme fabric (a four-way stretch, sweat-wicking blend of nylon and Lycra). The lining incorporates Coolmax fabric, polyester woven together with moisture-wicking fibers, which I noticed kept the sweat moving off of me even when I turned it up a notch at the gym. 


The straps are a highlight of this bra, but after a few washes they do tend to flip, so I found sometimes I had to take extra care to keep them in line. I also noticed that if you opt to remove the padded cup inserts, getting them back in takes a little extra work.   

While medium support feels like a happy balance for many, bustier ladies may be unsatisfied with the level of support from this bra. While I tested the medium-support version, the Energy Bra also comes in a high-support design, with stronger, adjustable crossback straps as well as a hook-and-eye closure for more security. 

This bra has a pretty traditional shape, so it may feel too revealing if you’re looking for a bra to wear on its own. The Energy Bra also comes in two other designs: the High-Neck ($68) and Longline ($58), which both offer a little more coverage if you’re looking for a bra to be worn on its own. 

Lululemon Energy Bra: Conclusion

The Lululemon Energy Bra is simple and well-constructed; (photo/Lily Ritter)

This isn’t a revolutionary bra. There’s no fancy technology or specialty milkweed fibers. Instead, it’s an example of how a few unremarkable but well-executed components can work together to create a really solid sports bra that beats out so many others. 

The supportive construction fits a variety of cup sizes and activities, and the cute, versatile design means it’s easy to reach for no matter the activity. 

The Energy Bra proves that small details make a big difference, and this everyday bra is one of those unsung heroes of your kit that works behind the scenes for all-day comfort. 

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