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The Peloton Row should arrive to preorder customers by December; (photo/Peloton)

Peloton Launches Rowing Machine That Costs as Much as a Luxury Cruise

On the heels of years-long rumors, rowing machines have landed in a few Peloton showrooms for customer testing. Preorder delivery is slated for December.

Peloton devotees awaited an indoor rower since rumors of one started circulating in 2020. Now, it’s finally here — though the price tag has already raised some eyebrows.

The embattled exercise equipment company will officially release Peloton Row by the end of the year, it announced this week. Peloton Row comes with classic rower features for personal improvement, plus virtual guidance from its in-house instructors.

It also costs $3,200 MSRP, in addition to $528 a year for those who want access to its fitness classes. That’s several times the cost of other rowing machines, such as the Concept 2, which costs $990 MSRP for the entry-level model.

And by our calculations, it’s about as spendy as shelling out for a 7-day luxury cruise.

Peloton will not offer financing for the rower or any discounts for existing customers, the company said on Twitter this week. Also, rowing content won’t be immediately available on the Peloton app at launch.

When questioned about the rower’s price tag last week, Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy sounded less than sympathetic, CBS News reported.

“We’ve got a premium offering because, let’s face it, you’re not price-sensitive,” he told a Goldman Sachs analyst. “And people like you weren’t price-sensitive. And if we have a great product, they’re going to buy it regardless.”

Peloton Row Features

Initial reviews of the Peloton Row have been largely positive about its features and usability.

Size-wise, it weighs 156 pounds and measures average for a rower at 8 feet long by 2 feet wide. It’s also possible to stow it vertically with an included wall mount.

Visually, Peloton Row comes with the sleek red accents of its other equipment as well as a 24-inch HD touchscreen for classes and feedback.

The best part of the machine lies in Peloton’s content, The Verge said in a review. The machine’s Form Assist function offers users an initial calibration process to improve their stroke and posture. After a workout, the machine gives suggestions for improving performance. And Personal Pace Targets help home rowers “contextualize instructors’ cues,” Peloton said in a press release.

The company has also hired “expert instructors” like Matt Wilpers and Adrian Williams to lead new class formats, many of which will release early next year.

The Peloton Row costs about $3,200; (photo/Peloton)

Peloton Row Price Comparison

While early reactions to the Peloton Row suggest it’s a solid rowing machine, reviewers and commenters have also questioned the high price tag.

It’s $1,700 more than the Hydrow Wave, for example, which has many of the same features. The normal Hydrow costs about $2,500, roughly the same price as other competitors like Aviron and Ergatta. If the company is banking on a premium audience like McCarthy suggested, its pricing solidly positions it that way.

If you’d like to try out the Peloton Row for yourself, you’ll have to visit one of the 18 U.S. retail locations that currently offer them. You can preorder now.

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