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Hydrow Magnetic Rowing Machine Simulates Iconic Rows Worldwide

Rowing machine workouts can be anything from wicked-hard to meditative and chill. Now, Hydrow can also make you feel like you’re in a world-class rowing locale.

Upstart rower brand Hydrow aims to deliver a uniquely immersive rowing trainer experience with an HD screen. The display beams rowing footage from around the world to make you feel like you’re rowing anywhere from the Louisiana Bayou to the River Thames in London.

And because it’s a magnetic rowing machine instead of a louder air resistance machine, it’s that much easier to imagine the soft swishing sound is water.

If you’re looking to work out instead of just paddle around, the company also offers a variety of fitness resources. HIIT classes, strength training, and yoga and pilates classes help you get the entire gym experience wrapped up in one machine. Hydrow users get access to over 3,000 live and on-demand workouts designed and implemented by professional instructors worldwide.

While you’re working out, the magnetic rowing machine monitors your heart rate and can display the data on its 22-inch HD screen.

Aside from the locations and workout suite, Hydrow appears most psyched on its full-body engagement. If you’ve ever rowed before, you know it can wreck your whole system. The brand says its machine and workouts engage up to 86% of your muscles, resulting in what it calls the “Hydrow high.”

Watch Kevin Hart describe the effect in the cute promo video and try not to intrinsically like the playful newcomer that is Hydrow.

Rest assured, the company doesn’t ask you to take a comedian’s word for its workout equipment. Paralympic silver medalist rower Dani Hansen also backs Hydrow, as do many other elite athletes.

Check out Hydrow on Instagram — we’re not aware of a top-quality rower brand that’s more fun. Multiple packages are available. To get the heart rate monitor, you’ll need to spend $2,475 MSRP. Starting MSRP for the machine itself is $2,300. A current sale offers up to 15% off the entire product line. The deal ends in the wee hours on Monday, January 10.

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