214 Peaks in 1 Week: Running the Wainwrights

Want to know what it takes to run up and down mountains for 6 days straight? Watch this runner conquer the feat.

In 2019, Paul Tierney set out on an epic adventure to summit all 214 of the Alfred Wainwright Lake District peaks in northwest England in one go. Believe it or not, someone had already done it — so Tierney’s goal was to beat the record time of 6 days, 13 hours, and 1 minute.

Running the Wainwrights meant Tierney had to cover a distance of approximately 318 miles. He also had to conquer a total elevation gain equivalent to four times the height of Mt. Everest. If it sounds intense, it is.

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And that’s not even factoring in the added challenges of extreme weather, sleep deprivation, and sore muscles along the way. Thankfully, Tierney had a support team.

The film premiered today at noon.

Mary Murphy

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