The Great Spartan Games Are Here: Watch Episode 1 Now

Think you have what it takes? These athletes do — meet the 24 athletes that will take on the grueling Spartan Games competition.

Despite the ups and downs of 2020, the Spartan Games are on. The first episode of the Spartan Games pits 24 male and female athletes against a series of grueling fitness obstacles (including a 5K, obstacle course, and open-water swim). But that’s all the fun.

The 2020 Spartan lineup includes ultramarathoners, CrossFitters, swimmers, adventure racers, triathletes, and more. (Can you spy GearJunkie’s own Chelsey Magness in the lineup?)

What’s the premise? These athletes will compete in a slew of fitness challenges and battles over the course of 4 days, after which one will be crowned “The Fittest.” Oh, and they’re competing for $100,000. Trust us, after watching this debut episode, you’ll want to binge the rest.

Note: This year, the Spartan Games had extra safety protocols in place. Athletes and staff were required to submit two negative COVID test results in order to participate.

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