Grom Utility Sidecar motorcycle camping

Tiny ‘Grom Utility Sidecar’ Looks Fun as Hell

Because the only thing gnarlier than an adventure aboard a Honda Grom is one with a badass, totes adorbs utility sidecar.

With a 134mpg rating and diminutive yet rugged build, the Honda Grom won the hearts of motorcyclists when it launched in 2014. In fact, the 125cc, air-cooled bike even took home the Motorcycle USA Motorcycle of the Year honor.

Grom Utility Sidecar moto

And its popularity inevitably inspired tinkerers and spurred innovation. This summer, Industrial Moto releases GUS, aka the Grom Utility Sidecar. This miniature steel-chassis sidecar comes standard with legit off-road necessities, like independent suspension, D-rings, cargo net, and more.

But a few optional add-ons and customization options make this a versatile and stylish moto accessory, fit to take gear or company into the backcountry.

Grom Utility Sidecar

Grom Utility Sidecar moto

First off, the Grom itself is sold separately. The GUS is an aftermarket add-on that gives our Grom some cargo muscle.

Builds start at $1,600. For that base price, you get the steel chassis, your choice of color, a cargo net, D-rings for tie downs, and quick fist clamps for strapping in a tool (favorite firewood axe, maybe?).

Grom Utility Sidecar motorcycle camping

Industrial Moto claims installation is simple and bolts directly to your Grom. The stock GUS also comes with pre-drilled mounting holes for extra carriage and utility options, and a choice of street, dual-purpose, or big block off-road tires.

But buyers can also add some handy extras. Dual LED headlights add visibility (for an extra $100), and a seat and a grab bar ($220) enable the motorcycle rider to bring a companion along for the ride.

Grom Utility Sidecar motorcycle

With a top speed around 60 mph, a low center of gravity, and light weight, we imagine the Grom is a giggle-inducing and approachable way to embark on a two-wheeled adventure. And with the GUS on board, the possibilities for gear-heavy exploits look endless!

To learn more about the GUS or nab your own, check it out here.

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