‘Untamed’ Is an Ode to Traditional Bowhunting

This 15-minute film by Clay Hayes explains traditional bow hunting in a way that is relatable to anyone who has spent time in the woods in pursuit of game (and many who have not).

A story told in crisp prose and simple imagery, “Untamed” is 15 minutes that will have hunters dreaming about the upcoming season and non-hunters informed and entertained.


Says the filmmaker: “I know I do things different and the majority of hunters just don’t share my level of interest. But, I think all hunters would benefit by taking an honest hard look at why we hunt and what we’re really after.

“That’s something I think very few of us ever really do. This film, in a way, is my attempt to do just that and to show the world what I found. Enjoy the film and don’t forget to share it.”

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Sean McCoy

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