Mio Suemasa racing at 2014 World Cup

New Holiday Encourages Women to MTB

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Celebrate ladies who shred on the first Saturday in May, the first International Women’s Mountain Biking Day.

Mio Suemasa racing at 2014 World Cup
Women’s elite racer Mio Suemasa at MTB World Cup 2014 Albstadt. Photo credit: youkeys

Mark your calendar for May 5, the inaugural International Women’s Mountain Biking Day. The new holiday is part of a partnership between the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), SRAM, People for Bikes, professional endurance athlete Rebecca Rusch, and others. Its purpose is to recognize female mountain bikers and introduce other women to the sport.

As it’s the first International Women’s Mountain Biking Day, there’s no official word what to expect this year. But organizers encourage everyone to use the hashtag #womensmtbday to help make the day a social media-driven event.

According to the IMBA, its aim is to launch a day of local festivals, group rides, and educational events.

International Women’s Mountain Biking Day

USA Cycling Pro MTB Event
Photo credit: Ralph Arvesen

The concept for International Women’s Mountain Biking Day arose from IMBA’s first women’s conference this March, IMBA Uprising. There, attendees from across the country shared ideas on how to get more women into mountain biking.

Eventually, the winning idea – an annual day dedicated to celebrating women in the sport – came from Andree Sanders of Trips for Kids Metro New York.

“Engaging your community, getting more people riding, and making a difference doesn’t require a big, formal plan,” said Aimee Ross, IMBA Brand Director and the creator of Uprising.

“Action of any kind can lead to inspiration, motivation, and even more action. You can get started on the path to more women on bikes or making where you live better for mountain biking by just going for it and doing something.”

Thinking of organizing an event? Tag @imba_us and use #womensmtbday on social media. And if you have a story to share or want more info related to the event, contact mountainbiker@imba.com.

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