112 Ranger: One of Buck’s Most Popular Knives Just Got New Siblings

The Buck 112 Ranger folding knife is an icon of the American woods. Available this month, it now introduces new models that give consumers lighter-weight and higher-quality steel options.

Buck Knives are as American as apple pie. Models like the 110 and 112, introduced in the 1960s, are so beloved that they influenced an entire generation of outdoorsmen. I should know: I’m one of them.

And these brand icons are still in production today. Now, the 112 is getting a modernized twist.

Buck 112 Ranger Pro: New Steel, Better Handle

Our favorite upgrade to the 112 comes in the form of the 112 Ranger Pro (pictured above). This upgrade introduces S30V steel into the Ranger’s 3-inch clip blade. This quality steel, as used by Buck, holds an edge incredibly well. We used the brand’s S30V in its Alaskan Guide Series 113 Ranger and were blown away by its edge retention.

Beyond the blade, the knife also upgrades to a G10 handle with brushed nickel silver bolsters. The G10 handle should improve the grip on this knife, especially when wet.

You can get one now for $112. While not cheap, the upgrade in steel and materials will be well worth it if you use your knife regularly.

And if you like speedy deployment, you can even get this one in an automatic version for $225.

112 Ranger LT: Half the Weight

With the 112 LT, the Ranger went on a serious diet. This model weighs just 2.5 ounces compared to the 5.6 ounces of the original 112 Ranger.

It uses the same 420HC steel clip blade as the original. But Buck replaced the bolster and handles with a lightweight molded nylon to reduce weight. The brand claims it maintains the same quality and rigidity.

For hikers looking for a blade that adds scant ounces while maintaining functionality, this one is worth a look for just $34.

Sean McCoy

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