Spoon Shaper Nemo Equipment 15th Anniversary

Get Whittling Basics With NEMO Spoon Shaper Kit

Interested in whittling? Everything you need to saw, shape, and craft your own spoon (or other small wood product) rolls up into the latest offering from NEMO Equipment.

NEMO Equipment turns 15 this year, and with it comes a limited-edition wood-carving bundle. Weird choice for a tent, sleeping bag, and pad company? Maybe.

But the kit reflects the brand founder’s lifelong passion for woodworking. And heck, whittling is a proven way to pass time in the outdoors.

The Spoon Shaper kit contains a straight blade knife and hook knife from Mora, an Opinel folding saw, a leather stropping board, a pencil, sandpaper, and waxed canvas tool roll. All of the items roll up and tie shut, making it easy to carry and toss into your backpack.

The package launched April 24. Just 200 orders will ship and it retails at $130. Of course, you could build out a similar kit yourself and hit about the same price point. Given retail prices of the included tools, the nice canvas carry kit, sandpaper, and pencil add about $20 to the price. To keep it all together, it’s $20 well spent.

NEMO Spoon Shaper Kit Review

I tested it over the past two weeks and found the kit a great addition to camping trips, perfect for whittling around the campfire with wood found in the forest.

Spoon Shaper Nemo Equipment 15th Anniversary

I worked for about an hour and a half to carve a small tablespoon with the tools in the kit. It was pretty rudimentary, but a fun first go at creating a spoon with these tools. With practice, I’m pretty sure my handiwork would improve.

Note that wood and instructions do not come with the kit. You’re on your own once it ships.

The Spoon Shaper Nemo Equipment 15th AnniversaryAll the pieces were helpful, from drawing a layout with the pencil to sanding the finished spoon.

The hook knife worked to well out the spoon. The beefy birchwood handle allowed for firm, controlled cuts. I used the straight-blade knife to carve the handle and details of the spoon.

The straight blade is a Woodcarving Mora 106. The full-tang carbon steel knife is well-reviewed across several platforms.

The folding Opinel No. 12 saw works quickly to saw branches from log piles and dial in larger blocks of wood.

The Spoon Shaper Nemo Equipment 15th Anniversary

NEMO Equipment 15th Anniversary

Cam Brensinger, founder and CEO of NEMO Equipment personally enjoys building and restoring wooden furniture. As a tribute to 15 years of developing innovative tent and outdoors sleeping systems, NEMO pays homage to Cam’s passion for woodworking in the spoon-shaping kit.

Within the kit, Brensinger’s passion is specifically displayed by the handmade bamboo stropping board crafted by the man himself.

A limited amount remain, great for Father’s or Mother’s Day. Grab one today.

The Spoon Shaper Nemo Equipment 15th Anniversary

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