Tactile Knife Co Bexar - featured
(Photo/Anthony Sculimbrene)

Masterpiece of Blades: Tactile Knife Co. Bexar Slipjoint Review

The Tactile Knife Co. Bexar Slipjoint Knife is, in our opinion, the best slipjoint knife on the market today.

Will Hodges is making knives like a man possessed. He started out making some of the best EDC, high-durability pen knives in the world. And 2 years ago, he started making folders as well.

His first, the Rockwall, was released in 2021 and was a monumental achievement. It was the first knife I’ve seen that out-Sebenza’d the Sebenza. It was super well-made, classy, and filled with brilliant features.

If your first knife is a masterpiece, what do you do next? Make a different but equally great knife in a brand-new, state-of-the-art blade steel.

Tactile Knife Co Bexar - review
Tactile Knife Co. Bexar Slipjoint Knife; (photo/Anthony Sculimbrene)

Tactile Knife Co. Bexar Slipjoint Knife Review

Tactile Knife Co. Bexar Specs

  • Steel: MagnaCut (!)
  • Grind: ¾ hollow grind
  • Lock: None, slipjoint
  • Blade length: 2.84″
  • Handle length: 3.84″
  • OAL: 6.75″
  • Weight: 2 oz.
  • Price: $200 shipped
  • Country of origin: Made in the USA

Hodges’ signature element is his lined texture. It’s on all of his pens — other than his limited releases — and it provides both superior grip and classy visual interest. The Bexar (pronounced like the aspirin brand “Bayer”) has this lined texture. But it also has so much more.

Slipjoints — shorn of any unnecessary elements like busy locks or ostentatious opening mechanisms — tend to be pure performance machines, like a 1,000cc motorcycle compared to a car. Hodges takes this purity and focuses it even more.

The blade stock here is insanely thin, and the overall knife is less than a half-inch thick. The titanium handle and tight blade give the knife an absolutely rock-solid feel. And the opening is courtesy of two nail nicks, which are effective without being overdone.

Tactile Knife Co Bexar - blade
(Photo/Anthony Sculimbrene)

The real joy here is not the appearance but the use of the thing.

Thanks to Larrin Thomas’ new steel formula, MagnaCut, the Bexar is both incredibly hard and virtually stainproof. And because of the high hardness, the thin stock can be ground even thinner. This results in a cutting edge like no other folder I’ve used.

The Tactile Knife Co. Bexar Slipjoint Knife is the best slicer on the market today.

I usually list drawbacks in my reviews, but there are none here. If you’re looking for a classy slipjoint, this should be your choice. Highly recommended.

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