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Beyond the Knife: Celebrate 125 Years of the Swiss Army Attitude With Victorinox

Victorinox celebrates its 125th anniversary with more limited-edition knives, watches, luggage, and more

While famous for the Swiss Army knife, Victorinox makes a host of other products too. Like the multi-tooled original, these items share a design emphasis on utility and durability for those on the go.

To celebrate its anniversary, Victorinox crafted 9,999 numbered Replica 1897 knives. The Swiss-made pocket knives were hand-assembled and replicated the same six tools and 18 components of the Original Officer’s and Sports Knife — with updated hardware. They quickly sold out.

Our coverage of the knife’s 125th anniversary noted its cultural imprint beyond the outdoor community. Furthermore, the brand points out it invented an attitude that persists in its products far beyond the knife itself.

Below, we take a look at more special-edition items and showcase the range of offerings made by Victorinox.

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swiss army knife and dive watch

Swiss Army Knives

One hundred twenty-five years ago, Karl Elsener invented the Swiss Army knife, which Victorinox holds as a symbol of his worldview. It represents Elsener’s curiosity and go-getter spirit in tackling small tasks and grand adventures.

It’s a mindset Victorinox believes is shared by thousands of fans and loyal customers. And based on how quickly the 125-year-anniversary collector’s piece sold out, the brand is onto something.

The brand made a few more limited-edition knives this year, too, like the Damast Picknicker.

Such anniversary specials are aimed at fans and collectors. For everyday use, Victorinox offers a range of products for the kitchen, airport, or wherever you end up.

More Victorinox Wares

Huntsman Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Amry Knife

Among other tools, the Huntsman pocket knife includes a wood saw and scissors in its bevy of blades and tools. Altogether, there are 15 functions for use while hiking, hunting, climbing, or camping.

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Wood Santoku Kitchen Knife

Victorinox Wood Santoku Kitchen Knife

This is a step up from the brand’s ever-popular Swiss Classic Santoku Knife. It keeps the fluted edge and Santoku shape of the Classic and gives it a wood handle. This 17cm stainless steel Wood Santoku Knife takes to heart its name, which translates to “knife of three virtues.” Basically, it’s a kitchen workhorse.

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Spectra 3.0 Frequent Flyer Carry-On

Victorinox Spectra 3.0 Frequent Flyer Carry-On

The Spectra 3.0 is made from Sorplas, a recycled polycarbonate, for durability during its years of travel ahead.

Inside, the carry-on case has easy-access pockets, a removable divider, and a system that expands capacity up to 20%. A front-opening compartment lets you stash and grab flight essentials without rummaging through the entire case.

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I.N.O.X. Professional Diver Titanium (Limited Edition)

Victorinox I.N.O.X. Professional Diver Titanium Limited Edition

The I.N.O.X. Professional Diver Limited Edition’s design reflects the exploration and adventure of a deep-sea dive. Its aqua/turquoise coloring is a nod to the tone of a shipwreck’s oxidized brass and yellow highlights familiar to diving equipment.

The watch’s dial uses a 3D pattern, enlarged hands, and Super-LumiNova colors for greater readability in deep, dark waters. An expandable rubber wrist strap allows it to stretch over a wetsuit. Additionally, a quick-spring release system helps you swap out the rubber strap back on dry land.

Limited to 1,200 pieces, Victorinox added a black PVD finish to the titanium case. The presentation package comes with a matching Spartan PS pocket knife, two straps, and a bumper with a removable magnifying glass.

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More Than Knives

If you’ve held onto a Swiss Army Knife since you were a kid, you can appreciate its 125th anniversary.

However, Victorinox makes home and travel gear to meet your everyday needs, not just limited-edition pieces and fun replicas.

Anyone in the market for a new blade, travel case, or timepiece should check out the brand’s latest creations and bestsellers.

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This article is sponsored by Victorinox. Read more about 125 years of the Swiss Amry knife online.

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