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Unparalleled Sharpness: Wenger Aphid 2 Review

For $40, the Aphid 2 offers the custom-curious a gateway into the world of bespoke blades.

Wenger Aphid 2 knife(Photo/Anthony Sculimbrene)
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Lots of knife nuts eventually come to the point where they want to try a custom knife. Custom knives, handmade by skilled knifemakers, tend to be exceptionally expensive, easily more than $1,000. They also tend to have wildly unpredictable availability as they are, of course, handmade, one at a time.

My advice is to start small, usually with a fixed blade. You can find out if the steep prices are made worthwhile at a lower cost of entry.

One of the best and cheapest ways to dip one’s toes in the custom market is the Wenger Aphid 2. It also happens to be an exceedingly useful knife that shows off the traits that make customs worth the cost. This is an EDC knife that will blow you away — for $40. You read that right.

In short: The Aphid 2 is an exceedingly high-value knife with a superior design that can serve as an EDC with little impact on weight, yet flexes to handle tasks a folder shouldn’t tackle.

Wenger Aphid 2 Knife


  • Steel Nitro-V
  • Grind Partial convex grind with zero bevel
  • Lock Fixed blade
  • Blade length 1.5"
  • OAL 3.75"
  • Weight 0.8 oz.
  • Price From $40
  • Country of Origin USA (Michigan)


  • Sharpest knife you'll ever use (except maybe a custom)
  • Small and easy to carry
  • Exceedingly high value
  • Perfect for ultralight backpackers


  • Somewhat limited availability
  • Not ideal for some tasks (food prep, batoning, etc.)

Wenger Aphid 2 Knife Review

Wenger Aphid 2 knife in hand
(Photo/Anthony Scuimbrene)

The Aphid 2 is a small fixed-blade knife that comes with a molded KYDEX sheath. Perfect as a neck knife or a small EDC, the Aphid 2 can stow pretty much anywhere: coin pocket, backpack, or glove box.

The steel, Nitro-V, is one of the best cheaper steels available, capable of taking a razor edge, holding it for a while, and resisting stains. The blade is a drop point and the handle is skeletonized to save on size and weight.

The knife is made by Dave Wenger, who has an outstanding (and well-earned) reputation for making classic fixed-blade patterns with clever and well-done touches. His “Tracker-style” knife is a more upscale version of those made by production companies and features swooping lines and crisp grinds.

He has released commissioned batches through high-end gear companies like Prometheus Design Werx. Wenger’s knives are renowned for their laser-like edges. While not always in stock, the Aphid 2 is regularly released in batches on Wenger’s site. Following him on Instagram will alert you when drops are available. Be warned: They sell out in minutes.


I’ve owned or reviewed thousands of knives from dozens of production companies and hundreds of makers. No knife has had an edge on it like my Aphid 2.

By removing the cutting bevel and tapering the edge down from the spine (a so-called zero grind), Wenger achieves unparalleled sharpness.

My Aphid 2 cut hair off my arm while I was barely using enough force to hold the knife up. It blasts through paper, cardboard, and food with virtually no effort. And yet it still hides in my pocket nearly invisible. The fact that I don’t have to worry about grit or dirt getting in a pivot is another bonus.

This knife is very close to the ideal fixed blade EDC — small yet capable. Of course, a knife this small can’t do certain things — batoning is out, as is food prep for large items. But you buy a knife of this size knowing those limitations.

Perfect Introduction to Custom Knives

Wenger Blades Aphid 2
(Photo/Anthony Sculimbrene)

Within its limitations, I’ve never found anything better than the Aphid 2. Its price, around the cost of two lunches out to eat, is incredibly fair and it allows you to see what all the fuss is about in the custom knife world.

Getting an edge this sharp on a production scale is simply impossible. But if you are a knife fan, that edge is a thing that will leave you breathless. It is astounding.

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With both unrivaled performance and a microscopic price tag, the Aphid 2 is a blade that anyone could own, carry, and appreciate. I highly recommend this knife.

Anthony Sculimbrene

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