2018 jeep apocalypse wrangler concept

Jeep Concepts Target Beach, Camping, and ‘Apocalypse’

Big wave, backcountry, and zombies – these three Wrangler mods outfit the Jeep for three very different adventures.

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Extreme Terrain Off-Road Outfitters loves Jeeps so much that it will modify your Wrangler to tackle damn near anything.

With the launch of the 2018 Wrangler, Extreme Terrain thought big. The brand didn’t wait for people to ask for a kick-ass modification. It imagined the ideal scenarios for its after-market mods.

Check out these three concept Jeep Wranglers – ranging from feasible to far out.

Overland Jeep

2018 jeep wrangler concept overland

Add a full-length roof rack and rooftop tent (which we love!), and you’re halfway to true backcountry Jeep. Tear off the stock steel doors and replace them with V-shaped Safari doors, then mount an approach-maximizing Trail Force HD Bumper with D-ring mounts. Finish it off with mud guards; 17-inch, eight-spoke wheels; and 3-inch LED spotlights atop the grille hoop and set course for adventure.

Beach Jeep

2018 jeep wrangler beach concept

Surf bums will love the open-air build of this concept. Tubular doors and a mesh Safari top let the breeze flow through the cab. But there’s still space for a roof rack capable of carrying up to three surfboards. Ballistic nylon seat covers keep ocean salt and sand from ruining the interior, while the winch-equipped tubular bumper will pull this rig out of high-tide predicaments. Meanwhile, deep-tread Baja ATZ tires chew through loose beachfront terrain. And when the swells subside, a trunk-mounted fridge-freezer holds suds for impromptu happy hour.

Apocalypse Jeep

2018 jeep apocalypse wrangler concept

Finally, because nothing tests a vehicle’s mettle (and metal) like a wave of post-Rapture hellfire, Extreme Terrain mocked up this marauder. The Apocalypse Jeep Wrangler appears fit to tackle zombies, imps, and desperate tribes of bloodthirsty reavers. Three-millimeter-thick steel plate armor may not stop bullets, but it will withstand rocks, claws, and bloody fists. A heavy-duty, forward-leaning stubby bumper keeps obstacles (and the undead) at bay while maximizing front ground clearance. Diamond-plated corner guards add a threat of tetanus to would-be vandals, while a 50-inch, roof-mounted LED light bar rends the dark road ahead – not that you’re afraid or anything.

And since civility and common sense went out the window with the fall of man, a waterproof 50-caliber ammo can comes standard. Happy Doomsday!

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