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Electric Ford Bronco: Upstart Launches Battery-Powered ‘Restomod’

Zero Labs Automotive electric Ford Bronco
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The Ford Bronco is coming back — and in more ways than you might expect. Meet the all-electric, carbon fiber Ford Bronco ‘restomod,’ hitting streets in 2020.

Off-road and 4×4 enthusiasts are already looking forward to the return of the Ford Bronco. The Detroit automaker confirmed the iconic truck is coming back, but it has managed to keep many details under wraps.

Zero Labs Automotive electric Ford Bronco interior

But until the 2020 Bronco launches, an upstart auto-restorer has unveiled a totally unique take on the classic. Last week, Zero Labs Automotive announced its first production vehicle: “the world’s first 100 percent electric classic Ford Bronco.”

Based on the 1966-77 Ford Bronco, this electric vehicle boasts carbon fiber body construction, an Atlas 2 two-speed transfer case, telematics, and all-digital display. And the company says this marks the first in a yearly launch of extremely limited-run, all-electric classics.

Electric Ford Bronco: Zero Labs Automotive

Zero Labs Automotive electric Ford Bronco exterior

While the brand calls it a “restomod,” a better term might be “homage vehicle,” as we can’t find any original parts on it.

Zero Labs will make just 150 of its debut Ford Bronco restoration. And while it hasn’t announced a price, Zero Labs did say the cost would fall within the top 10-15 percent of the high-end restomod market, which it pinned at about $300,000.

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That certainly puts this modernized throwback well out of most budgets. But with the Ford Bronco, Zero Labs is targeting discerning purists.

“We realize, this isn’t for everyone. That’s OK because we could never make enough for everyone,” the brand’s website reads. “We expect our customer has done their homework and knows pricing for these vehicles from premium builders can run $160,000-300,000.”

Zero Labs Automotive electric Ford Bronco dashboard

Hand built in Los Angeles, this Bronco retains much of the styling of the original but incorporates more than 1,000 newly designed parts. The interior comprises walnut and bamboo paneling, and either leather or vegan coverings. A self-monitoring system and digital telematics alert the driver to performance stats and issues.

Under the proverbial hood, a lithium-ion battery has a 70kWh capacity and provides enough juice for a 190-mile maximum range. That’s probably not ideal for cross-country adventures, but it should be plenty for weekend off-road outings.

Accordingly, the Bronco boasts Currie front and rear differentials, an Atlas 2 two-speed transfer case, 4WD, and, most surprising of all, a five-speed manual transmission. To date, we haven’t come across a manual electric vehicle. But such a setup should provide a driving experience similar to that of the original.

What’s more, Zero Labs claims this Bronco provides 400 percent more power (369 hp) than its ancestor.

Interested in learning more or purchasing one of these classic toys with a modern twist? You can reserve the Zero Labs Ford Bronco at no cost here.

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