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Safari All the Things: Hot Wheels Porsche 944 ‘Dirtmeister’ Debuts at Rennsport

Hot Wheels, Porsche, and Mobil 1 have just revealed the 944 Dirtmeister. It's a rally-style shooting brake 944 that will be built as a Hot Wheels die-cast to go along with the real thing.

Porsche 944 Dirtmeister(Photo/Hot Wheels)
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Porsche, Hot Wheels, and Mobil 1 have partnered up to build an off-road Porsche 944 wagon. It’s called the Porsche 944 Dirtmeister, and you can actually buy one. Sort of.

It’s a Porsche 944 called Dirtmeister, and it’s exactly what a Hot Wheels car should be. Something that’s next-level cool and just enough different from anything else that we’ve ever seen.

Dirtmeister started as a 1987 Porsche 944 before it was sent to Kudensport. Oxnard-based Kudensport is a Porsche shop known for restorations of classic and racing Porsches so good that they look like new cars instead of restorations.

Though you might be able to tell this one isn’t factory.

Jimco Racing Off-Road Suspension

Hot Wheels Porsche 944 Dirtmeister
(Photo/Hot Wheels)

Off-road shop Jimco Racing handled most of the rest of the work. Jimco installed a full cage and Recaro racing seats, but things got really wild from there.

Jimco does trophy trucks, and so Dirtmeister got what Porsche calls a trophy truck-style suspension. It has long-travel coilover shocks and Eibach springs to help give the car just the right Safari-style rally stance.

Pirelli Scorpion rally tires with big yellow letters help complete the look. They’re mounted on a bronze-painted version of the vintage 944 Turbo Cup wheel. The car also gets a light bar, brush guard, and a roof rack.

Then there’s the graphics pack that’s perfectly retro. And very cool.

Buy This Porsche: In Hot Wheels Scale

Hot Wheels Porsche 944 Dirtmeister
(Photo/Hot Wheels)

Custom-built one-off Porsches are nothing new, even if they are awesome almost every single time. What makes this one different is that you can buy one. And you can probably actually afford it.

Dirtmeister’s debut was at the Rennsport Reunion. An annual festival of classic Porsche, where this car’s particular brand of cool doesn’t exactly fit in with the crowd.

The Hot Wheels Porsche 944 Dirtmeister in full size will go on the Hot Wheels Legends Tour in October. It will also be the first Porsche to go into the Hot Wheels Garage of Legends, where the die-cast company puts its coolest creations. Vehicles like the Twin Mill and Bone Shaker that have ended up on tour and even in the latest Forza games.

Being in the Garage of Legends means there is a full-size car, but it means there is a 1:64 scale Hot Wheels creation, too.

Porsche 944 Dirtmeister Joins Legends Collection

Hot Wheels Porsche 944 Dirtmeister
(Photo/Hot Wheels)

Hot Wheels is getting ready to put it on sale in the Mattel Creations store. Mattel Creations builds the company’s most interesting stuff. Special editions of Hot Wheel and other toys that it makes on demand, or only when enough people sign on.

Other Hot Wheels creations like the HWC Elite 64 Series Mustang are $20, though the Candy Striper Bel Air is $250. Expect the Hot Wheels Porsche 944 Dirtmeister to be closer to the lower end of that, but it’s not on sale just yet.

This is the 54th unique Porsche that has been recreated as a Hot Wheels die-cast. It’s the only one in the Garage of Legends, and the first Porsche built with a toy in mind all along.

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