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Ken Block Charity Auction Now Live: Own a Piece of Automotive Culture

A big sale of Ken Block memorabilia and real used parts is going up on eBay Motors. The proceeds of the sale are going to support the 43 Institute.

Ken Block eBay Auction(Photo/eBay Motors)
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The death of Ken Block last year left a void in the heart of motorsports fans around the world. The shoe mogul turned extreme athlete and tail-out rally car driver gave us some amazing race wins and the incredible Gymkhana series of videos. Now, for the first time, his family is releasing a block of cool memorabilia to help the charity that carries on his legacy.

I don’t even know where to start with this auction list because it’s got some seriously cool stuff for just about anyone who was a fan of Block or the Gymkhana videos. Want a race-used driver’s suit? No problem — there are two: one from 2015 and one from 2019.

Real Ken-Block Destroyed Racecar Parts

Ken Block eBay Auction
(Photo/eBay Motors)

But it just keeps going. There are race-used wheels from his rally cars. Shocks and wheels that were destroyed during the filming of various editions of the Gymkhana series. Ring and pinion gears from the Mustang Hoonicorn V2, a turbofan damaged during the filming of Gymkhana 6, burnt clutch plates, and even sequential transmission gears, used (and wrecked) in Gymkhana 7. You can watch the videos and try and guess exactly which frame they were smashed in. Your friends will love it!

Ken Block eBay Auction
(Photo/eBay Motors)

There’s a pattern forming here. Ken was hard on his cars and hard on his parts, but it’s cool that so many of them ended up in storage instead of being sent to the landfill.

If you don’t want greasy bits, there are body panels galore. The auction items include front bumpers from various rally cars, lip spoilers, and a door from a Global Rallycross Ford Fiesta. Even a rear fender from his personal Ford Raptor build, and a banged up Can-Am Maverick fender he broke in Glamis.

Bikes, Chairs, & Merch for Auction

Ken Block eBay Auction
(Photo/eBay Motors)

Want something not from a car? How about his Specialized bicycle. Or one of two limited-run Modernica chairs. Just 224 of those chairs were ever sold, but one from the Block collection is even cooler.

Of course you can’t have a Ken Block collection without hats, and there are official team hats from 2012 and 2019. There are some photos and photos books, and even a pair of special phone cases.

The total number of items up for grabs in the eBay Motors auctions is 43. Yes, the auctions went live today, which is April 3. That’s 4/3, or, as we call it around here, Ken Block day. All in honor of his car number of choice.

“Ken was passionate about motorsports, action sports, creative arts and giving back to those communities. We founded 43 Institute after his passing to carry on his empowerment of others. Opening our archives for the first time with eBay Motors and sharing a piece of his career with fans is the perfect way to honor his legacy.”

Lucy Block, Ken’s wife, pro rally driver and Block House Racing principal.

Ken Block eBay Auction for 43 Institute

Ken Block eBay Auction
(Photo/eBay Motors)

All of the proceeds from the auction will benefit 43 Institute. The foundation, set up in honor of Ken, is meant to create opportunities for the next generation of talent in motorsports, action sports, and the creative arts. The sale runs until April 13th.

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