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Meet the ‘CyberTrailer’: Brutalist Camper and Tow-Behind Charging Station for Electric Trucks

The new camper from Living Vehicle draws design cues from Cybertruck, and will generate both electricity and water from the sun and air.

living vehicle cybertrailer(Photo/Living Vehicle)
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Reduce “range anxiety,” extend your off-grid adventure, and make your own water from thin air — the CyberTrailer embodies the best of what Living Offers in an unmistakable aesthetic.

Launching today, the CyberTrailer serves double duty as a pull-behind camper and mobile charging for electric vehicles. And while its design undoubtedly draws from the Cybertruck, it can be towed by the F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1-T, or any conventional gas or diesel half-ton truck.

“The main limitation to current all-electric RV design is charging and utility infrastructure,” Living Vehicle CEO and founder Matthew Hofmann said in a press release. “The CyberTrailer is resource independent and can venture to nature without needing RV parks or charging stations.”

Details of the new camper are scant, but the CyberTrailer appears to draw several features from its LV 2022 predecessor, including its EV charging, water generation, and generous solar array.

living vehicle cybertrailer
(Photo/Living Vehicle)

Living Vehicle CyberTrailer

Here are the details Living Vehicle has released so far. If you want to reserve your spot in line for the $175,000+ trailer, you can place a reservation now for $100. Living Vehicle claims 80% of CyberTrailer reservations have already sold out.

According to the CyberTrailer page, the camper is “100% solar powered,” though the press release notes it “utilizes redundant power sources, including advanced solar panels and backup power generation systems.” It’s not clear how the trailer accommodates vehicle charging — EV charging on the LV 2022 was optional — though the move to a supercharging standard likely makes this feature useful for a wider array of battery-electric vehicles.

Similar to other Living Vehicle models, the CyberTrailer also boasts “unlimited water from air creation and recycling.” Air from outside the trailer enters a vent and goes into a Watergen atmospheric water generator. The air is filtered and then goes through a heat exchange and cooling process to create condensation, which is then purified and stored. Living Vehicle claims this system can produce up to 5 gallons per day.

As is Living Vehicle’s calling card, the CyberTrailer has a fold-out patio, along with a gear-hauling ramp. Further details like interior layout, amenities, dimensions, and curb weight were not immediately available. However, at a $175,000 base price, the CyberTrailer will be Living Vehicle’s most budget-friendly option. Deliveries for CyberTrailer start in 2025. Stay tuned for more info to come as production nears!

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