Pelican Cargo Cases

Pelican Launches ‘Cargo Cases’ for Your Truck, Car, or SUV

Pelican has built burly, super-protective cases for cameras, guns, bows, and other fragile equipment for many years. And now it’s launching a line of tough boxes to strap onto your roof rack or throw in the truck bed.

If you’ve worked in photography or with sensitive electronics in the outdoors, chances are you’ve owned a Pelican case. The brand has a strong reputation for its tough cases that protect valuable equipment like pro photography gear.

In the last few years, the brand has expanded to include products like coolers. And today, it jumps even further into the outdoor arena with a full line of Cargo Cases.

Pelican Cargo Cases

Pelican Cargo Cases

Designed to provide the “highest level of protection for gear and equipment on vehicles while optimizing storage for overlanding and outdoor adventure travel, professional applications, and
everyday use,” the Pelican Cargo line hits the market in spring 2020.

Pelican Cargo Cases

The line comprises eight boxes of different sizes and shapes designed to fit in truck beds, the back of SUVs, and on roof racks. Each case provides solutions for storing, protecting, mounting, and organizing passenger cargo.

We haven’t seen them yet, but the cases look tough. Pelican builds them with rotomolded construction and claims they’re weather-resistant and lab-tested to protect from windblown rain and dust.


They have corrosion-resistant hardware, lockable latches, and integrated tie-downs for mounting. Each box has heavy-duty handles.

Pelican Mounting Systems

Sold separately, Pelican developed a line of proprietary mounting systems for truck beds and roof racks. The various mounting systems provide simple, quick, easy, no-drilling installation.

Pelican Cargo Cases

Pelican claims it has conducted extensive research, testing, and development to ensure fitment with popular truck and SUV brands — including Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, Dodge, and other vehicles — across a wide range of configurations from extra-short to long beds.

The Cargo line carries a lifetime guarantee, and the mounting hardware carries a 3-year guarantee.

Pelican Cargo Cases

So if you’re considering some cargo-hauling solutions, it might be worth sitting tight. The cases range in price from $200 to $400. With Pelican’s reputation for case construction, we’d expect the Cargo box line to be functional and rock-solid when it hits the shelves this spring.

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