Super73 C1X

Super73 Blurs the Line Between E-Bike and E-Moto

Super73 tweaks its lineup to let you bring more of the family, add a more affordable option, and blur the lines further between moto and e-bike.

Super73 is showing off what it can do with a new concept that offers motorcycle-like performance. The California-based e-bike company also introduces a new entry-level model to its e-bike range and a new model aimed at much younger riders. It also tweaks some of its other popular models for affordability and comfort.

The 2022 Super73 not only makes its popular e-bikes even better, but it also broadens its customer base and looks to get into the e-motorcycle space. We can’t wait to go for a braaaap — more of a buzzzz — on the new models!

Super 73 C1X Concept E-Motorcycle

Super73 C1X

Super73 says it designed the C1X concept to “redefine the line between e-bike and motorcycle.” It’s a street-legal e-bike that requires a motorcycle endorsement on your license and needs insurance. But it offers electric performance and ride comfort to help back up those demands.

Its 15-inch wheels bridge the gap between smaller scooters and more typical motorcycle sizes. The smaller wheels aim to help shrink the footprint of the bike to make it more agile and city-ready.

Battery capacity (and motor power) is still under wraps, but Super73 said that the battery is centrally mounted to help handling. The motor will sit behind the swingarm pivot point to reduce chain slack and help reduce maintenance, and no — there are no pedals on this one.

A target top speed of 75 mph is why you’ll need to get the nod from your local DMV. A 100-mile range complements the top speed to elevate the bike toward gas engine motorcycle performance. That and a fast-charging solution that Super73 expects will charge the C1X to 80% in under an hour help soften the blow of extra paperwork.

Super73 expects the C1X to start production late next year. Reservations are now open, with a $73 deposit.

Youth Series Aims to Get the Little Ones Riding Early

Super73 Youth Series

Super73 gears the Youth Series toward riders from 4 to 8 years old. A moto-inspired seat and modular foot controls help give kids more comfort and more control. The idea behind the model, Super73 said, is to help families spend more time together.

The company calls the bike a “first step” into riding and makes it clear it thinks it’s not just a toy. A BMX-style aluminum frame looks cool, adds durability, and is easy for parents to carry. Meanwhile, Super73 adds a red twist-throttle to direct kids’ attention to the controls.

The Youth Series will arrive later in the year — its release date is not yet final.

Super73 Z Miami: New Entry-Price Model

Super73_Z Miami

Super73’s Z1 is its most popular model, the company says, so for 2022, it tweaks the formula slightly to create a model with a lower price of entry. The bike builder says the Z Miami’s aluminum alloy frame has improved ergonomics and weighs less than before.

It maintains the 28-inch seat height of the previous generation Z1. The low seat makes it ideal for riders between 4’6″ and 5’11” and helps keep the e-bike compact and easy to maneuver.

A 1,200W brushless DC motor powers the Z Miami. With a 615Wh battery that owners can remove for charging, the Miami can manage a 30-mile range at 20 mph. Super73’s Eco pedal assist can boost that range to 50 miles, though you’ll need to change modes with your smartphone. The Z Miami will arrive this spring and comes in a range of bright colors.

R Brooklyn Adds to Street Riding Capabilities

Super73_R Brooklyn

More of a refocusing than an all-new product, the Super73 R Brooklyn separates the old R from the off-road RX. It narrows the e-bike’s focus on street performance with features like new microknurled tires that are meant to improve cornering grip. It also gains new Drago mid-rise handlebars designed to improve rider control and work with the low-profile seat to make the rider more comfortable.

A front and rear lighting pack and a horn are also new for the R Brooklyn. A new inverted coil spring fork gets air assist for improved control. The hydraulic brakes, 2,300W motor, and 40-mile range remain the same as the previous iterations.

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