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Most Mini Winnie: The Hike 100 Is Winnebago’s Smallest Trailer Yet

At 2,700 pounds dry weight and 15 feet long, the Winnebago Hike 100 should be easy to tow for most drivers — and most vehicles.

With the Hike 100, Winnebago adds its lineup’s smallest entry, towable by a wide range of vehicles. The single-axle trailer should be ideal for folks short on storage space, drive smaller cars, or favor the minimalist approach.

The rig is only 15 feet long and 8 feet wide, including most amenities common to bigger camper trailers. There’s enough water and propane storage for several days out, plus solar panels and five different interior layouts to sleep two to three people.

winnebago hike 100

Winnebago leads with the Hike 100’s size and weight as its most specific strengths. Its 2,700-pound dry weight means you can tow it with a car as small as a Subaru Outback (albeit you’d be pushing the car’s capacity).

And because it’s short and relatively narrow, it should be more approachable for drivers at all levels of towing experience. Finally, anyone with limited storage will have an easier time fitting it into their space when it’s not on the road.

winnebago hike 100

That said, the Hike 100’s size means it’s decidedly cozy inside. If you’re 6’5″, you’ll scrape the ceiling. And walking space is limited to a few square feet right inside the door.

winnebago hike 100

However, it’s got all the critical capabilities — AC/heat, full bathroom, indoor kitchenette with fridge and microwave, outdoor kitchen with cooktop, and folding table/bed. Capacities are 31 gallons of fresh water, 4.75 gallons of black water, and 25 gallons of gray water.

The water heater holds 6 gallons; the propane tank is a standard 20-gallon. Notably, there’s no option for an indoor kitchen.

The Hike 100 is considerably smaller than Winnebago’s next step up in travel trailer size, the 20-foot Hike. It weighs in at 3,500 pounds (though the two share the same 4,200-pound GVWR).

While you lose an indoor kitchen and a few square feet of interior space, opting for the Hike 100 gets you the same heater, awning, fluid capacities, and interior height.

Winnebago doesn’t list a price for the Hike 100 yet, but it will probably come in a shade under the Hike, which starts at MSRP $29,600. Check out the full specs here.

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