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Alaska Donut Heist: Two Bears Raid Krispy Kreme Truck

A mama black bear and her cub decided that chowing down inside a Krispy Kreme truck was an excellent way to put on fat for the winter.

black bearA mama black bear and her cub; (photo/Shutterstock)
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It’s hard to imagine better publicity for Krispy Kreme than the endorsement of a couple of thieving black bears.

When a driver left the door open to his donut-filled delivery truck in Anchorage last week, two bears decided it was their moment for a free buffet. The mama bear and her cub climbed into the van last Tuesday morning. It was parked in front of a convenience store on the Elmendorf-Richardson military base, according to a Krispy Kreme statement and local news reports.

The bears devoured 20 packages of donut holes and six packages of chocolate donuts, according to a KTUU story.

“You could hear them breaking open the packages,” said Shelly Deano, the convenience store’s manager. “We were trying to beat on the van but they just kept eating all the doughnuts.”

Deano also called security from the military base, which blasted sirens to scare off the bears. Ultimately, the raiding bears ran off into nearby woods, KTUU reported. As for Krispy Kreme, the Alaska location’s Facebook page quickly made use of the bear-y hijinks.

“One of our brave delivery drivers managed to capture this incredible moment on camera,” they wrote in a post. “It’s a reminder that our donuts are loved by everyone, even the wildlife!”

Regardless, a general manager for two Krispy Kreme stores in the Anchorage area told KTUU that her team learned their lesson.

“We’ll definitely be learning to slide up our ramp, close the doors, to ensure that bears don’t get back in there again,” Candice Sargeant said.

a black bear eating trash

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