Drive the Globe’s Not So ‘Tiny’ Home on Wheels

Take a look inside Mike’s reimagined military truck, which he has spent years living in while he drives around the world.

When a YouTuber who specializes in overland rigs tells you “the inside is not what you’d expect,” the natural inclination might be to roll your eyes.

Let me guess! A space-optimized living area with many fold-down fixtures, some kind of ingenious toilet arrangement, a cockpit with more switches than an Apache helicopter, and a custom doodad or two to wow the YouTubers?

I gotta say, in Mike’s rare overlanding case, I stand (moderately) corrected. The inside of the rig is spacious, modern, and well-decorated, just like Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey says. Watching Mike stand in his kitchen, I’m not actually convinced it’s any smaller than the galley at my apartment.

There’s plenty more to dig into in this thorough vid. Check it out.

Runtime: 16.5 minutes

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