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Boulder-Based Bike Shop Hosts ‘Cafe Ride’ Conversation Series

The Pro’s Closet wants to bring the love of all things bikes to the masses with its new conversation series.

Whether you’re a pro rider or new to cycling, this conversation series is for you and, well, the whole community. The Pro’s Closet, a pre-owned bike and cycling gear shop in Boulder, Colo., kicked off its official “Cafe Ride” conversation series yesterday.

“We see how bikes connect people every day, both through the experiences we share and through those that are uniquely our own,” said Reese Ruland, social media manager for The Pro’s Closet.

“With the Cafe Ride series, we wanted to create a platform where riders from across the women’s cycling community can talk about the parts of biking we all know and love. But also, have conversations around the parts that are sometimes swept under the rug,” Ruland added.

Ruland is the host of series, which consists of biweekly panel discussions held virtually through Instagram TV.

“The series will specifically feature women from across the bike community discussing a wide range of topics designed to inspire, educate, and connect riders of all types,” The Pro’s Closet wrote. The conversation series will run through spring, summer, and into fall of this year.

Check out the inaugural Cafe Ride convo with Tina Ooley, and get the full schedule below.

‘Cafe Ride’ Conversation Series

To join the conversation, here’s the key info you need on the dates, guests, and discussion topics:

  • March 31: Sarah Swallow, authentically embracing an alternative lifestyle
  • April 14: Erin Nelson, struggling with PTSD and identity post car/bike accident
  • April 28: Cassondra Spring, women’s cycling community
  • May 12: Lillian Outten, learning to train for a race that might not happen
  • May 26: Hillary Allen, a professional ultrarunner finds cycling
  • June 9: Maria Benson, learn how a Cervelo bike is developed
  • June 23: Isabel Rodriguez, equity in cycling
  • July 7: Laura King, navigating pregnancy and motherhood, while still making time for yourself
  • July 21: Jane Nussli, balancing career and personal fulfillment with professional racing
  • Aug. 4: Tamara Gorman, a rising triathlete star with big aspirations
  • Aug. 18: Lindsey Richter, how and why Ladies All Ride was founded and where it’s going
  • Sept. 1: Kate Quay, pudendal neuralgia and cycling
  • Sept. 15: Janel Spillker, pro road racer discusses the transition to community builder and coach
  • Sept. 29: Rachel Voyles, massage therapist and former pro soigneur talks about relieving all kinds of stress
  • Oct. 13: Sofia Bermudez, on why being a beginner, not an expert, is the goal
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