art by Katie Lo, Club Ride to benefit women through mtb
Original art by Katie Lozancich; (image/Club Ride)

Club Ride & Artist Collab to Benefit Women Through MTB

Proceeds from Club Ride x Katie Lozancich apparel will help support women’s mountain biking advocacy group World Ride.

World Ride is a fledgling nonprofit focused on providing women in developing nations with access to mountain bikes, cycling resources, MTB career training, safer trails, and community. On August 19, Club Ride and artist/mountain biker Katie Lozancich backed the initiative by launching a limited run of T-shirts and MTB fenders.

With its “athleisure” collection, the cycle outfitter leverages quality materials and detailed MTB-inspired artistry to raise funds for the World Ride foundation and its beneficiaries. For every T-shirt sold, Club Ride will channel $5 toward empowering women through mountain biking.

Sure, the brand’s gesture is a small one, but it’s also one that’s hard not to feel a little good about. As World Ride’s founder Julie Cornelius put it, “The courage and determination that is learned through mountain biking can translate into confidence in other areas of the women’s lives.”

Club Ride x Katie Lozancich Collection

Katie Lozancich is an adventure filmmaker/photographer, mountain biker, self-taught illustrator, and the collab’s creative half. The Jackson Hole-based artist used her personal connection to the sport as inspiration for the three-piece project:

I wanted to highlight the special moments that happen when you’re on an adventure in the mountains. I hope to capture unforgettable aspects like a sunrise in the alpine, the incredible vibrancy of blooming wildflowers, or the solitude and peace of mind one finds when they curl up into their sleeping bag after a long day of riding.

Alpine Adventure Tee

Club Ride x Katie Lozancich alpine design
(Image/Katie Lozancich, Club Ride)

Drawing inspiration from adventures in famed mountain ranges like the Alps, Himalayas, and the Tetons, I wanted to create a scene where the mountains towered above the rider. It’s the kind of ride that has uninterrupted views everywhere you look…

  • Men’s Colors: Adventure Grey, Denim Blue
  • Sizes: Men’s S-XL
  • MSRP: $25

Base Camp Tee

Club Ride x Katie Lozancich basecamp inspiration
The inspiration for the Basecamp tee; (Photo/Katie Lozancich, Club Ride)

One of my favorite trails here in the Tetons is based seconds away from a campground. During the summer, it’s the best spot to gather a group of friends and party ride until the sun dips past the horizon. 

  • Men’s Colors: Black, Indigo Blue
  • Women’s Colors: Royal Blue, Pine Green
  • Sizes: Men’s S-XL; Women’s S-XL
  • MSRP: $25

Wildflower Bloom Tee

Club Ride x Katie Lozancich wildflower tee
(Photo/Katie Lozancich, Club Ride)

If you time it right in the Tetons the trails will be bursting with every shade imaginable: blues, fuchsias, yellows, and reds … I wanted to create a scene that was overflowing with wildflowers, highlighting this special moment only found high in the alpine.

  • Women’s Colors: Charcoal Grey, Stonewash Denim
  • Sizes: Women’s S-XL
  • MSRP: $25

MTB Fender

Fender graphics; (Photo/Katie Lozancich, Club Ride)
  • MSRP: $25

Ways to Support World Ride & Women in Mountain Biking

The limited collection of tees and MTB fenders are available exclusively through Club Ride. To place your supportive swag order, head to the Club Ride x Katie Lozancich page.

To learn about other ways you can support World Ride’s mission (looking to re-home that lightly used gear, for instance?), head to the organization’s donations page.

World Ride's approach to empowering women through mtb in three main areas: 1. recreation 2. career building 3. racing/athletic goals

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