‘Fly By’ Hiker Shatters Colorado Trail Record Record by 4 Days

Mikaela Osler’s goal was to finish the Colorado Trail in a record 14 days. She did it, self-supported, in 10.

On June 30, Mikaela “Fly By” Osler headed out on the Colorado Trail to set a new FKT. On August 9, she finished the 500-mile trail — 4 days ahead of schedule. Osler hoped to beat the previous record (around 15 days and 2 hours, set by Olga King) by finishing in under 14 days. She finished in an insanely fast 10 days, 12 hours, and 39 minutes.

Osler went for the self-supported record, meaning she had only what she could carry and some mail drops for herself along the way. No crew, no pacers, no support. She completed the route east to west, traveling from Denver to Durango.

Osler’s FKT has been verified by FastestKnownTime.com, making it official.

The Colorado Trail runs 486 miles through six wilderness areas and over eight mountain ranges, including the iconic Collegiate Peaks. It has an elevation gain of over 80,000 feet, with most terrain above 10,000 feet. The first speed record on the CT was in 1988.

The avid hiker has also previously conquered the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, and Continental Divide Trail — the infamous thru-hiking Triple Crown.

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