Craft Health Wear collection

Craft Feels for You: Brand Offers US Discount for Expensive Healthcare; Thanks?

The niche Swedish running brand Craft just dove into one of America’s most complicated political issues. But hey, we get a discount!

It’s no secret that healthcare in the U.S. is incredibly expensive. And one Swedish brand takes exception. Craft Sportswear announced it will offer Americans a discount until the U.S. gets universal healthcare.

Congratulations, America — you’re now entitled to a 10.7% discount: that’s also the income tax rate that Swedes pay for their well-regarded universal healthcare. Now, Craft Sportswear gives U.S. customers 10.7% off on the brand’s cheeky Health Wear clothing collection. The brand says the discount will last “until the United States implements healthcare for all.”

Wait, what? Yes, you heard right. A Swedish brand wants to offer Americans a discount because of its notoriously expensive health care. Thanks? We’re not sure. We have to say this discount feels a little sensitive, like political discourse over Thanksgiving dinner.

But hey, it sure is unique! Here’s what we know now.

craft sportswear health wear

Craft ‘Health Wear’ Collection

The spartan Health Wear collection includes one hoodie, T-shirt, and pair of shorts for men and women in one grayscale shade each. The fine print on the shirt and jackets spells out the company’s rationale behind the 10.7% (or “10,7%”) discount, noting that regular exercise protects against “the risk of astronomical bills.”

Craft Sportswear makes the tops with 100% recycled polyester. The shorts get 5% elastane.

craft sportswear health wear

Though the collection is modest, the brand’s reputation and its stated stance on universal healthcare are not. It’s unequivocally surprising that a brand that’s far from a household name in the United States would weigh in on its sociopolitical climate — let alone put its money where its mouth is.

Still, the brand garners respect for its running and cycling gear, especially its running shoes. GearJunkie testers have put miles on its fast CTM Ultra Carbon and have been impressed. It also specializes in cold-weather gear, like split-finger mitts for cycling.

Erik Schenker, CEO at Craft North America, explains that the Health Wear collection aims to build awareness about universal healthcare — not resolve the issue — through the brand’s products.

The healthcare situation in America can become desperate for some U.S. citizens, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Craft is hoping we can contribute to changing perceptions about universal health care while reminding everyone that exercise can have a positive impact on overall health. We understand that offering this discount isn’t going to fix the problem, but we hope it helps spark some thinking that can lead to a solution.

This wry promo video is worth a watch.

Check out the collection (and claim the discount, if you’re a universal healthcare-deprived American) at Craft’s website.

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