Dream Job: National Parks Scout

The chance to play outside for a living doesn’t come along every day. But when it does, we want to give you a shot at it. Our “Dream Jobs” column will serve to highlight some of the best outdoor gigs we see. Happy hunting.

Dream Job: National Park Scout for Backpacker Magazine

Job Description: Spend the summer of 2015 with a buddy and a load of backpacking gear exploring National Parks, meeting people, going on adventures, and sharing your experiences on Backpacker Magazine’s website and social media.

Let me repeat that: Your job will be to spend this summer visiting our National Parks, having a ton of fun, and meeting a bunch of interesting people… then telling people about it online. Seriously.

Requirements: Per Backpacker’s job posting, “The ideal candidates will have proven photo and video skills. They will have at least five years of backpacking experience, or equivalent. They will be friendly. They won’t mind missing a shower or two. They won’t object to using the latest outdoor gear. They will enjoy telling stories.”

Compensation: TBD

How to Apply: Teams of two can apply to Backpacker’s post and request info here.