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Emerging Gear: Magnetic Hopper, Indoor Cycling Shoe, ‘Open-Air’ Pants

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Check out some wild new products from YETI, Shimano, OtterBox, and more.

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A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Explore the grid below or click through for a slideshow.

YETI Hopper M30

Guess who’s back and getting magnetic with it? Yeah, it’s YETI Coolers. The new Hopper M30 ($300) just hit the shelves, and it’s replacing those big, burly zippers with big, burly magnets. I’ve had my hands on this thing, and it’s pretty impressive. It’s easy to open and a cinch to close, and you won’t jam your fingers in those zipper teeth anymore. It’s your classic Hopper 30, just reimagined. And it’s available now.

Benchmade 496 Vector

Benchmade just rolled out the new 496 Vector ($325). And like all of Benchmade’s knives, it’s a bad mofo. With CPM-20CV steel, a drop point with a compound grind, and an AXIS Assist flipper with safety, this EDC is gonna be your new fave. At almost 5 inches, it’s a bit bigger but ready for any job. The Vector is available now.

alder Open-Air Pants

Open. Air. Pants. Tbh, I expected something totally different before seeing the pics of these pants. But, essentially, they’re really cool joggers designed for the seriously active woman. And they’re from a woman-owned company. It is indeed the time of the techy pant, and this pant lives up to that tech with, like, a billion features. The lowest package on the Kickstarter page starts at $105. It’s $10,000 over its fundraising goal, and pants will deliver in March 2020.

OtterBox Wireless Charger

The crew at OtterBox has been busy developing wireless charging technology, and it’s here in force. With a charging system that doubles as a battery pack, you can cut down on your cords and trust that your gear will stay at 100 percent at all times. Check out the new line and keep those batteries as fresh as your smartphone game.

SCARPA Furia Air Climbing Shoe

The new SCARPA Furia Air Climbing Shoe ($199) aims to be a second skin for your foot. That’s kind of a weird thing to aim for, but I get it: close contact, light, and flexible but supportive. Vibram technology promises a steady grip, and the aggressive downturn and asymmetric build allow your foot to fully engage. Available now.

DuoTek Ultralight Reflective & Reversible Jacket

I don’t know why, but I feel like Kanye needs this jacket. And so do I. This crew has hit its Kickstarter goal 10 times over with the DuoTek Ultralight Reflective and Reversible Jacket ($99+ on Kickstarter). Take a wild guess at the main features of this coat, and you’d be right. It’s also waterproof, making it a killer all-around coat for day and night activities. And the safety feature is also cool. So you can throw away that blaze-orange reflective vest; it’s no longer needed.

Norshire Mini Tire Inflator

As the old adage goes, it’s better to inflate your tires than your ego — and the Norshire Mini Tire Inflator ($50+ on Kickstarter) does just that. It’s small enough to pack some peace of mind into your rig without taking up an obtrusive amount of space. It works on all sorts of tires, measures your tire pressure, and helps you accurately fill with no worries. Check out the page for more. Available for preorder now.

Casio WSD-F21HR

The Casio PRO TREK WSD-F30RGSmart WSD-F21HR (woof, what a mouthful!) combines the functionality of a smartwatch with an adventure watch. It hits similar specs as several fitness watch brands in a burly build. It has a heart-rate monitor for fitness training, a barometer, an altimeter, and more. Check it out now.

Shimano IC5 Indoor Cycling Shoe for Women

The brand claims, “The new Shimano Indoor Cycling IC5 cycling shoe will help you push harder, ride farther, and challenge yourself every time you hit the studio.” Shimano now offers SPD-compatible IC5 shoes for your most intense workouts. The brand designed this shoe with women who train hard indoors in mind. Learn more here.

Austin Cycles Atto Monaco

The Atto Monaco claims to be the world’s most expensive folding bike. (I’m really not sure that’s a selling point, but I’m going with it.) Priced at $7,350 (£6,000), this little critter of a bike is, you guessed it, foldable and light. It’s a single speed for all you cool hipsters out there, and it’s expensive. So you should make yourself a little sign if you get it. Available for order now.

FLIT-16 Folding E-Bike

“A new generation of the folding bike,” the FLIT-16 folding e-bike travels up to 30 miles on a single charge. Fold it halfway shut to easily roll through pedestrian-only areas. Then fold it one more time to carry the 31-pound bike anywhere. It’s a slick design that has raised more than $130,000 on Kickstarter already.

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