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Emerging Gear: Feel-Good Workman’s Boot, Affordable Packraft, Teeny-Tiny Camera

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Check out a 3-pound packraft, cutting edge bike computer, searchable hiking pants, and a whole lot more.

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A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Explore the grid below or click through for a slideshow.

'Uncharted Rapid' Raft

I saw the Uncharted Rapid Raft and had immediate FOMO. The little boat wraps up to be as small as a loaf of bread, weighs under 3 pounds, inflates itself with a little help, and costs, get ready, $299 right now. Yes. That’s a 2 followed by a 9 and another 9. Packrafts are expensive, but this one is notably affordable. And it’s currently crushing its goal at 319 percent funding. Wonder why. Oh. It looks freakin’ awesome. That’s why. Get on it before it goes up to it’s MSRP price of $399.

Wolverine Journeyman

Wolverine’s new Journeyman boot isn’t just a nice-looking and durable boot for fall. It’s also on the market for a good cause. This Iron Grey version ($170) gives 100 percent of proceeds to the American College of Building Arts. The tie-back is pretty cool: a traditional work boot company aiming to provide more aid in educating people in the skilled trades.

Insta360 GO Camera

This thing is teeny-tiny. And it’s pretty darned cool. The Insta360 GO Camera ($200) leans into its pitch “the twenty-gram steady cam” by being obviously light AF and incorporating gimbal tech into a miniscule package. It’s hyperlapse, timelapse, slow-mo, and barrel-roll capable. It’s water-resistant, easily mountable, and offers auto-edit technology. This camera shoots 100 frames per second so you’ve got some wiggle room in editing. And at $200, it doesn’t break the bank. I like. Check it out.

Pendleton's New Line of Footwear

All hail the blankets! And now, Pendleton’s got footwear for both men and women. Pendleton’s new footwear line is chock full of casual options for an Instagram-worthy lifestyle. The wool sneaks already have a deeply iconic look, with options in solids or patterns. And the depth of the line goes from a true hiker to a snuggly slipper. Pretty cool. Available now.

BN001: The Searchable Hiking Pant

I thought I was over all the techy pants of the day, but then I caught wind of the BN001 Searchable Hiking Pant. With built-in RECCO tech, I was expecting another super-expensive trail pant that was prob just overkill anyway. Not so. The BN001 clocks in at $62. Yeah. Sixty. Two. And it’s available for both men and women on its Kickstarter page. It’s a true trekking pant, with a variety of options for storage, ventilation, and weather-proofing. Good stuff from a couple of smart Nordic fellas. It’s aiming to ship in January of 2020.

Hammerhead Karoo Bike Computer

The Karoo Bike Computer ($399) is a lil’ GPS system that intends to help your rides go more smoothly. The maps are cycling-specific and worldwide. And with 8.5 GB of storage, you can download multiple states or countries as you travel. It’s compatible with a variety of Bluetooth-enabled sensors, allowing you to track heart rate and other stats as you ride. And monthly updates help your Karoo perform at its best as you continue your journey.

CampFare Fully Hydrated Meals

CampFare’s fully hydrated meals are new to the market. There’s no need for refrigeration and no need for excess water. With everything fully contained, the integrity of the food remains entirely intact. Each meal costs $12, which is totally competitive in the game of packable meals. And it offers a wide variety of options, from chicken and beef to fish and vegetarian. Available now.

Truly Wire-Free Earbuds

If you’re anything like me, you’re appalled at how weird and terrible EarPods look. Enter the Truly Wire-Free Earbuds. At $80, they’re affordable. And these have a sleek, black, over-ear look. People are loving these things. With Bluetooth 5.0 and IPX7 waterproofing, they can jam in any situation. Available now.

Garmin PanOptix LiveScope Ice Fishing Bundle

We almost always include something wildly expensive in “Emerging Gear,” and the Garmin PanOptix LiveScope Ice Fishing Bundle fills that void at $2,800. I love that people nerd out this hard on ice fishing. This package sets you up to see fish as they’re coming in and how they’re reacting to your setup. You can also combine multiple screens to get seriously in-depth information about the depths below you. I will say its presence is likely to make ice fishing more exciting. At least more exciting than when I sit, staring at a hole in the ice, shivering with a beer in my hand, wondering what the hell is going on down there anyway. Available now.

QALO Switch Collection

I love silicone wedding rings for a plethora of reasons, but mostly that they exude a sense of badass superiority with a twist. As in this rubber-ring-wearing fella or gal is so badass that they’ll prob rip their real wedding band and finger off in their dangerous daily activities, but also that they’d rather not take the risk. It’s a risk-taker’s risk-averse option for those who still like to communicate their love for their partner via wearables. And now, QALO is allowing you to make that love reversible. Not feeling pink today? OK. Now you’re blue. Done and done. The Switch Collection is available now for only $30.

Huckberry x Howler Bros North Coast Jungle Collection

When cool brands get together, cool things happen. Enter the North Coast Jungle Collection from Huckberry and Howler Bros. This line is fun and funky. The vibe of the collection is cool with a workman’s touch. A myriad of shirts, pants, and jackets make up the collection, which looks to stand up as a boat-to-town option for the adventurous city type. Available now.

Xero Mika Barefoot Boots

Water-repellent canvas with a cozy flannel lining make these “barefoot” boots set for coming cold weather. A zero-drop sole and wide toe box promote natural movement on your feet. The Xero Mika boots ($139.99) are light at 12 ounces in a women’s size 7. “You might stroll your way through the entire winter and forget you even have them on,” the brand touts.

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