Hammock Virgin, ‘Kniper’ Knife, Colombia Feature: GearJunkie ‘Week In Review’

A recap of some top stories on GearJunkie, week of June 22-26, 2015.


1) Guerrillas In The Mist. A trip to climb in Colombia gave our editor a glimpse at the country’s “bad old days” as well as a look at the current potential for wilderness adventure.
2) Hammock Virgin: My First Time Was An Accident. ‘I never intended to spend the night in the hammock, but a few beers and a nip of whiskey can be mighty persuasive.’
3) Flexible ‘3U’ Glasses. A pair of bendable 1-ounce glasses from Trioo got a year-long test from our editor. The kicker? They cost just $47.
4) Multi-Tool Survival Knife. The Kniper is a multi-tool knife that includes a saw, fork, prybar, wrench, bottle opener, and, get this, a pipe for smoking.
5) Free Camping. Pick your site at one of these iconic campgrounds online, click to reserve and go camp. It’s that simple.
6) Light-Up Bike Lock. Bike lock has LED lights for extra visibility and works like a normal cable bike lock.
7) Top Runners Pick Shoes For Ultra. The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Race is this weekend. These are the shoes experienced runners will wear.
8) ‘Barlow Knife’ Gets An Upgrade. This classic blade style has seen few significant changes. But you can open this model with one hand.
9) Soroche: Spanish For ‘Puking At Altitude.’ Call it soroche, hypobaropathy, or just good old altitude sickness, it’s wise to know the signs and what to do when it hits.
10) Swedish Log ‘Stovetop.’ Inspired by an ancient northern European technique, this simple accessory sits atop a split log to provide a platform to cook.
11) Pocket Power. Goal Zero’s Flip 20 is a pack-of-gum size battery charger for your phone, camera, headlamp, and more.
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