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HOKA Launches Its First Retail Locations in NYC, Los Angeles

HOKA ONE ONE’s pop-up storefronts offer customers a ‘fully immersive’ shopping experience, complete with 3D foot-scanning services for the perfect fit.

Today, HOKA cuts the ribbon on its first-ever retail venues in New York City and Los Angeles. Offering walk-in stores where customers can try before buying is a change of pace for the performance footwear brand. Until now, HOKA had limited itself to direct-to-consumer and wholesale distribution.

But it’s difficult to create ambiance around websites and wall displays. In-person shopping, by contrast, is totally experiential, and HOKA plans to give its customers a fully immersive experience. Here’s how.

HOKA Retail Experience

HOKA’s LA and NYC storefronts house Volumental foot-scanning devices for fit assistance, smart lockers, hands (and feet)-free shopping, and the brand’s exclusive apparel line.

And, of course, there’s the appeal of trying something on before committing to a purchase. Online shopping can’t offer that. It’s an aspect that can make or break a sale, especially when higher-end performance gear is concerned.

In a recent press release, HOKA said:

“The pop-ups will incite a two-way conversation with customers, maximizing the opportunity to interact with the product, learn about it in a physical setting, and ultimately embrace its benefits before purchase …

The new space was designed for consumers to explore, participate, and enjoy as a community gathering space while also allowing the brand to glean important consumer psychographic insights.”

While this is the brand’s first foray into brick-and-mortar retail, it comes following a quarter of exceptional growth for HOKA. “After a 95% increase in net sales (equivalent to $213.1 million this last quarter), HOKA paces towards the billion-dollar annual revenue threshold,” the brand noted in a press release.

Learn more about HOKA’s new pop-up shops here.

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