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Insta360 Launches ‘One RS’ Swappable-Lens Action Camera

insta360 one rs(Photos/Insta360)
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Both 4K wide-angle and 360-degree video with the same (cheap, compact) camera? Insta360 says yes.

Thanks to swappable lenses, Insta360 delivers a cost-effective, all-in-one camera for shooting modern video. It’s also space-efficient and IPX8 waterproof, so carting it around on adventures should be no problem.

Insta360 says its “no compromises” approach aims to transform a traditional action camera into a 360-degree camera. The 4K lens with a half-inch, 48MP image sensor supports detail for wide-angle videos and photos. Swap that out for the 360-degree lens, hit record, and let the camera capture everything in 5.7K.

Leica even helps engineer an available 1-inch, wide-angle lens for high-quality 5.3K shots.

The little rig should be able to help you shoot a wide range of adventures, from diving to downhilling. (For detailed info on its waterproof rating, check out this straightforward explainer from Dutch electronics brand Jabra.)

Later, you can choose your favorite angle (or angles), export it like any other video file, and edit it with one of the multiple apps for sharing.

insta360 one rs

Insta360 ONE RS Form Factor and Options

One great strength of the Insta360 ONE RS is that it’s about the size of two GoPros taped together. That seems pretty reasonable, especially considering that a typical 360-degree camera amounts to a costly, high-tech ball and chain.

The 4K lens’s half-inch, 48MP image sensor lets it shoot sharp 4K 60fps videos and stills. The selectable Active HDR mode helps keep videos stabilized as you move.

It looks to minimize ghosting and reveal details in the highlights and shadows of any shot. And the 6K widescreen mode expands footage to a classic 2.35:1 ratio for a cinematic signature.

insta360 one rs
Insta360 ONE RS with 4K lens

Insta360 uses a new Core processor to deploy its proprietary stabilization technology for shot stability. Until now, Insta360 users had to use an app to polish and upload content. But because the ONE RS applies stabilization itself, creators can now bypass the app to share retouched wide-angle content directly to social media.

Thanks to the included invisible selfie stick, you can grab third-person videos of yourself at virtually any angle. IPX8 waterproofing helps keep it safe and dry up to 16 feet submerged.

Insta360 also redesigned the mounting bracket with a quick-release mechanism for switching lenses on the fly. The mic gets a windproof cover, and a heat-dissipating panel helps the camera stay cool while recording.

one rs on a motorcycle helmet

And a variety of other features seek to add to ease of use: an additional mic for better audio, 50% faster Wi-Fi (claimed) for better mobile transfers, and quick options for zoom and menu selection.

ONE RS File Transfer and Editing

A Quick Reader accessory allows bypassing Wi-Fi transfers altogether with an onboard SD card. Plug the Quick Reader into the camera, drop files into it, and then plug it into your phone and unload.

Then, you can use Insta360’s app to edit the raw video. If you’re into the automated life, Snap Wizard helps you find the right 360-degree angle. And FlashCut uses AI to find the best moments in your clips and edits them together to the beat of the music.

You can download Insta360 Studio software for free on Mac or Windows if you like editing manually. Plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro help you onboard your tools of choice.

insta360 one rs
Top-down view, with 360-degree lens equipped.

Availability and Pricing

The Insta360 ONE RS is available starting today. As a modular system, you can choose from several purchasing options. The Twin Edition includes the 4K lens and 360 lens for MSRP $550.

If you only want 4K, you’ll spend $300. You can also opt for the best image quality in the range, which Leica helps deliver with a 5.3K 1-inch wide-angle lens for $550.

Check it all out on Insta360’s website. Alternatively, it also drops on Amazon.

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