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Ignik Releases FireCan Elite: More Heat, Better Control, and Canada-Approved

Ignik has made a name for itself with its unique, sustainably minded camping products — and its latest fire pit, the FireCan Elite, is coming in hot.

Ignik Firecan Elite(Photo/Ignik)
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First, Ignik brought us the FireCan fire pit, an ammo-can-shaped fire pit that was compact, lightweight, and easy to transport. Then it came out with the FireCan Deluxe, which had all the bells and whistles that made the original so popular but also worked as a grill, with a grill grate, grease tray, and temperature control knob.

Now Ignik, the brand that pioneered this unique style of ammo-can-inspired fire pits, is bringing us the FireCan Elite ($250). It’s more durable, puts out more heat, and is even lighter and more compact. And this latest version boasts a new safety feature that makes it available to campers in Canada.

It’s the latest iteration of Ignik’s signature “sustainable campfires.”

“Our original FireCan offers a campfire anywhere for car campers, solo campers, and solo overlanders, whereas the FireCan Deluxe is a great two-in-one solution for outdoor grilling and heating,” said Ignik’s marketing and product development director Peter Pontano. “By adding another option to our FireCan line, we’re excited to offer folks more choices.”

Ignik’s Basics

Ignik Firecan Elite

Ignik has been a sustainably focused brand since its beginning. In 2018, founder Graeme Esarey was on a sailboat in the Arctic with his family and saw firsthand the effects that climate change was having on the planet.

The adventure opened his eyes to the effects it was having on the landscapes, wildlife, and people in places like Alaska. He decided to start creating products that would work for the planet.

Since then, Ignik has brought us its refillable stove fuel growlers, battery-powered heating pads, multiuse hand and foot warmers, and, of course, its sustainable fire pits: the FireCan, the FireCan Deluxe, and the FireCan Elite.

Ignik FireCan Elite: The Latest in the Lineup

Ignik Firecan Elite

The FireCan Elite is the same size and shape as the previous FireCans. But this new version offers more power with a high-pressure 5 psi, quick-release propane output. Compared to the previous FireCan Deluxe, which put out 38K BTUs, that allows the FireCan Elite to put out 55K BTUs. Meaning, it gets a lot hotter.

“FireCan Elite’s increased heat output is ideal for warming more people and is perfect for camping, overlanding, and anyone looking to save weight in their gear setup,” Pontano said.

That increased heat output is also easier to control on the FireCan Elite. A new integrated flame control knob gives users command of the heat output, so you can lower or raise the temperature as necessary. This is especially a nice safety upgrade if you’re using the FireCan for cooking, but also just for staying warm.

Ignik also improved the durability of the FireCan with the Elite version, using stainless steel and an anodized aluminum removable lid. And at 10.1 pounds, it’s also its lightest version to date.

One of the biggest changes, though, comes down to safety standards. The FireCan Elite is now CSA-certified, so it is available in Canada as well as in the U.S.

“With Canadian wildfires having an early season impact on both Canada and the U.S., we’ve expedited the launch of this product into the U.S. market to help further inspire campers to play it safe when making a fire,” Pontano said.

The FireCan is available to U.S. consumers at Ignik’s website, TrailRecon, and Trademark Adventure Outfitters. More importantly, it’s available for Canadians at Ignik.com, Mountain Equipment Company, and SAIL.

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