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Knog released the Scout Bike Alarm & Finder this summer; (photo/Knog)

Get Next-Level Bike Protection With Knog’s Scout Alarm & Finder

It’s hard to stop well-equipped bike thieves no matter how sturdy the lock. But what if the bike also had an alarm with a built-in, tamperproof locating device?

If you love your bike (and honestly, who doesn’t?) and live in the city, you may worry about it getting stolen. Bike theft has become a bigger problem than ever in recent years, so it’s reasonable to consider new ways of keeping your trusty steed safe.

The latest innovation from Australian company Knog does just that. With its Scout Bike Alarm & Finder, Knog offers a two-in-one product. First, the device allows owners to track a missing bicycle with Apple’s Find My Network feature. Second, it delivers an ear-splitting alarm if tampered with.

Knog’s researchers spent more than 3 years working on the design, “[w]hich is a good indication of just how difficult it was to achieve the dual function of a bike alarm and tracer in one unit,” Knog designer Hugo Davidson said. “We genuinely believe that Scout represents the future of bike security.”

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Bike owners can use Apple’s Find My Network feature to locate a stolen bike with a Scout installed; (photo/Knog)

Knog Scout Bike Alarm Features

While you’ll still want an actual bike lock, the Scout gives additional protection. The alarm is loud — 85 decibels, to be exact. That’s about the volume of a subway train, so if you park your bike in a public place, a theft is unlikely to go unnoticed.

Bike owners can activate the alarm either on the Scout itself or through any Apple device paired via Bluetooth. LED lights show when the Scout is armed and paired, and indicate battery status (which Knog claims will last 6 months).

scout product in packaging
Scout Bike Alarm & Finder; (photo/Knog)

Once armed, any movement of the bike triggers the alarm and sends a text alert to the owner. And while there are plenty of motion-sensor alarms you can get for a bike, having an alarm and tracker in one is an awesome next step. After getting the notification, users can then track the bike’s location using Apple’s Find My Network app.

Knog says the Scout will hold up against the elements, including rain, snow, and even a bike wash. It attaches to the bike frame via bottle cage mounts with tamperproof security screws. The Scout also comes in either black or bright yellow, allowing bike owners to choose between “discreet” or “overt” protection.

For now, Knog’s Scout only works with Apple iOS devices. Hopefully, there will be similar tech available for other Bluetooth-equipped smartphones (Google, Samsung, etc.) in the future.

The Knog Scout Bike Alarm weighs less than one ounce and sells for $60 MSRP.

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