In Solidarity collaboration Kula Cloth design by Latasha Dunston

Kula Releases ‘In Solidarity’ Cloth Collab to Support Diversity Outdoors

Kula Cloth’s passion goes beyond Leave No Trace. With its latest collab, Kula is taking action to help create more diversity in the outdoors.

In collaboration with Denver-based artist Latasha Dunston of Jitterbug Art Studio and Teresa Baker of the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge, Kula has created an “In Solidarity” cloth design, which will raise money to help people of color get outdoors.

Kula Cloth is a pee cloth brand for anyone in the outdoors. Founder Anastasia Allison started the brand to provide women an alternative to toilet paper when adventuring outside. Kula cloths reduce waste, empower women to get outdoors, and protect outdoor spaces — one call of nature at a time.

The three-way collaboration has been a year in the making. It started in July 2019, when Kula joined a group of brands participating in the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge, founded by Baker.

The Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge pairs outdoor brands with inclusion advocates to advance representation for people of color across the industry. Learn more here.

In Solidarity: What It Means

“In Solidarity means to me that we come together, no matter how we define ourselves, to help push forward an agenda of diversity and inclusion … that we commit to working with one another, to make this a reality,” said Baker.

“As this nation struggles with how we move forward, it is clear that we must change course, we must find ways to work together or history will repeat itself. Let us commit to moving forward In Solidarity.”

Kula pee cloth in solidarity design
The limited-edition In Solidarity Kula Cloth; art by Latasha Dunston

The In Solidarity Pee Cloth is currently available for preorder for $25. You can get one for yourself, gift one, or buy a sticker in support.

All proceeds from the sales will go to the following nonprofits: GirlVenturesGet Out Stay Out/Vamos AfueraCamp Founder Girls, and Native Women’s Wilderness. Kula anticipates the donation will total more than $10,000.

Dunston is also donating her commission on the project to Black Lives Matter DC.

Support in Action

Many of us across the nation have been suffering, witnessing, and struggling with racial injustices. We are processing what our roles should look like. And we are figuring out how, as members of the outdoor industry, we can collectively create change.

For brands that have taken the diversity pledge, that means further educating themselves and continuing to promote diversity. It means reminding ourselves to further educate, listen, and respect our BIPOC peers and leaders in our community. And it means taking action.

Kula Cloth has done so.

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